Monday, September 19, 2016

Saying Goodbye to the Lake

The lake on a cloudy afternoon, just before leaving. 
Moving day is finally upon us. I have both dreaded and looked forward to this day, in almost equal measure. Looked forward, because I am excited about the new house. It's nice to be moving back to civilization, to have access to amenities like parks and museums, and (let's be honest) fast food. Shopping trips will no longer take the better part of an afternoon. Take out won't be cold by the time we get it home.  Internet is lightning fast, and we can get a decent cable tv package. The new house is spacious, with a bedroom for everyone, and even a sun porch for me to write and work. Yay for no longer camping out at the dining room table!

But it's sad to be leaving the lake, with its easy pace of life and beautiful surroundings. I'll miss the owl who lives up near the mailbox, and the bobcat who sometimes runs across the road, just past the gate. There's the fox that drives the dog crazy, and the hawks who nested in the 50 foot oak near the house. There's the lake itself, of course. How I'll miss the sunrises! And our neighbor, the world champion barefoot water skier- we'll miss seeing her zoom around the lake, pulled by a speedboat. We always know it's finally warm enough to swim when she sheds her winter wet suit that she wears to practice. And our neighbor who rehabilitates horses- we'll miss seeing them swim behind his little rickety boat, pulled on a lead to strengthen weak muscles.

But ultimately, whether we want it or not, change happens. So we might as well make the best of it, while at the same time trying to honor our time at the lake. We can only hope the next inhabitants of this serene little hideaway are half as happy there as we were.