Wednesday, June 11, 2014


forest in the morning
 I've let Monday Blogs and Teaser Tuesdays blow me by, and there isn't really anything special for Wednesdays. But what the heck, right? It's officially summer vacation, which means I have more than the ususal number of people under foot at all hours of the day. It's taken some getting used to, but we're starting to establish a nice little routine. Full fledged summer has only been with us for- oh- a week today, exactly. Being as isolated as we are, it's a different kind of summer than we've ever had before. I wanted to just share some pics of where we live- the middle of the Ocala National Forest. Even though there's not much here, (nearest fast food? 20 minutes!), there's a lot by way of natural beauty and things to do. Beaches, hiking, and swimming come to mind. So here's a few pics, and I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer as well.

Can you spot the llama?
The lake, like glass
Our version of snow- Spanish Moss
view from the porch- the dock where we swim and canoe