Friday, June 13, 2014

Bread and Books

Yes, I made these!
Apparently summer in Central Florida coincides with monsoon season. This makes sense since the climate zone is tropical. Or maybe sub-tropical? Either way, it doesn't matter, because what it's lead to is a whole lot of rain. Rain three times a day. A terrible soaking rain that gets into everything- even your bones. Steamy jungle rain from which there is no escape- not even a nice pot of soup and a book and a blanket, because it is still too darned hot for at least two of those things.

But rather than complain further, I decided to dive into writing and blogging and tuning up my (once again) sadly neglected Twitter account. So I'd like to share with you two things saving my sanity this rainy season: books and baking.

It's really too hot to do too much baking in the oven, and so this led me to invest in a bread machine. If you've never owned one of these marvelous creatures, you're missing out. In the week that I've had mine, I have yet to produce a loaf that doesn't get eaten within minutes of pulling it out of the machine. I've also made yeast rolls. These almost caused fights, and I had to ration them equally to prevent it. The only thing
that made it to Day 2 was a pan of cinnamon rolls, and that was because I hid them under aluminum, behind the fruit and vegetable basket. No teenager, apparently, would ever look there.

In addition to all this lovely staff-of-life bounty, I've managed to read. Sort of. I managed to get my hands on an ARC of the new Melissa Marr, Made For You. It's a YA contemporary thriller- her first- and I am sad to report that it has been relegated to the could-not-finish pile. This has a lot more to do with my own headspace than with Marr's writing. I've had a hard time finishing anything. I'm not sure why. I similarly had to put down Laini Taylor's third book, Dreams of Gods and Monsters. I for sure didn't see that happening. The whole series so far has been brilliant, but the last book just couldn't grab me. The same happened with Marr's new book. As soon as I found out who the killer was, I just lost interest. I also think I'm pining for her wonderful Faery world. I so wish I could read more Irial. But then, I bet a lot of us do.

Instead, I'm going to try high fantasy, with Sarah Maas's Throne of Glass. I'm interested in circuitous routes to publication lately, and I discovered that Maas had originally started Throne of Glass on Fictionwise, where it was wildly popular and eventually garnered her an agent and a deal with Bloomsbury Children's. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish this one. If not, then we'll know for sure it has something to do with my headspace, and nothing whatsoever to do with these authors, whom I love very much.

I'm going to leave you with the yeast bread recipe, which taste even better with a cup of strong coffee, a good book, an easy chair, a sleeping toddler, and a storm rolling through, churning the lake.