Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ROW 80 Round 2 Goals

So, I've been sitting out these last few rounds, and I can really tell by my output. A big part of it has been the baby. I have writer friends who stay home with babies and young children, and I just do not know how they do it all. In fact, I have a blog series planned interviewing writing parents in the hopes of learning some of their secrets. But the fact remains that I am simply more productive when I do ROW80, and so I'm planning to jump back in for Round 2. Except this time, I'm going to set really modest goals, because frequently those bleed over into larger ones. Like, 500 words a day modest. But this will almost certainly bleed over into longer sessions. After all, once you're in the "zone" it gets easier to stay there. Also, I'll be changing how I structure my blog updates:

Tuesdays: Teasers of works-in-progress and already released titles. You can also expect interviews and features of other writer's upcoming releases, interviews, and the like.

Wednesdays: This is a ROW80 update day, but because I have other things going on like acquisitions work, which I love, books to read and books to review, this is more of a craft-oriented ROW80 update. I'll check in, but not with the focus I'm going to put in on Sundays.

Sundays: The gold standard of ROW80 updates. This is where I'll get down and dirty about word counts, goals met and goals neglected, works-in-progress, and anything else that might be relevant to my writing process.

If you'd like to learn more about ROW80, or maybe even sign up yourself, (round 2 starts April 11th), then you should visit Kait Nolan's blog or check out some of my older ROW80 posts. As the start date gets closer, I'll do a post with more specifics, like precise WIPs, word counts, conference and blogging goals, the pursuit of craft, and so on.