Monday, March 24, 2014


Things going on:

1. New computer. I destroy laptops. Chew 'em up and spit them out in tiny little pieces. I get fussed at for this. It's an expensive habit, for one. I'm averaging a new laptop every eight to ten months or so. But, I argue back, I'm on mine 100x more than anyone else in the household. My laptop is literally my office. Not only do I use it for all the things everyone else does on a routine basis, I write on mine. So it's constantly on, Word at the ready, in case I think of a fix for plot hole #2,  character A's defining motive, or manage to sneak in a few minutes worth of editing.

Also, I stopped using a Mac about three computers ago. Or was it four? I was really happy with the switch to Windows, but even with all my perfectly reasonable explanations (cough: justifications), I'm still going through computers at an alarming rate. Macs did seem sturdier, if a little wonky to drive sometimes.

2. Signings! I posted about this a while back, but the actual time is drawing closer, and I'm getting hit with random waves of signing anxiety. It seems as if all my author friends have really cool swag- custom bookmarks, pens, book purses (!!!), and singing book lights. Well, okay, I made that last one up. But still. It feels that way! And I have... not much. Ideas? And vague plans to make them happen? And a crate of books on the way. That's the main thing, right? To have something to actually sign? At least I've got that going for me.

3. Signature anxiety. I never, ever dreamed this could be A Thing. But it is. I find myself caught up in nightmare scenarios where I go to sign a book and out comes this blocky, childish scrawl. Or else, a bunch of loopy scribbles. Sometimes, in these scenarios, I even forget how to write at all. That's not likely to happen, but still. It's clearly a fear. So I'm going to sit down and practice writing my name like I haven't done since seventh grade, when I practiced writing "Mrs. Latest Hot Guy Crush." And what the hell kind of pen do people use, anyway? This is yet another anxiety-ridden scenario, where I run out of ink or poke a hole in someone's book because my pen won't cooperate. Stupid, I know, but there it is. I think I'm going with a pen-line Sharpie. Can't really go wrong with those. Unless you're drawing cat whiskers on a friend's face and forget you're using permanent ink, so that they have to walk around, an adult in permanent cat whiskers. (Yes, this actually happened. Sorry, Brad.)

4. I have no grown-up clothes. Like, none. The most dressed up I get is for church and school functions, and since it the 21st Century here in Central Florida, people wear jeans and shorts pretty much everywhere. I can't even claim I own a really nice shirt. At least, not one that fits post-baby. I'm a few years into this writing gig, with a baby, and you can imagine what kind of wardrobe that creates. Pajama pants and t-shirts, maaaybe a pair of jeans, and sandals. I can't remember the last time I wore socks, even in the dead of winter here. So a-shopping I must go- terrifying on its own because of the aforementioned baby weight thing.

5. Panel! I got on a panel at LeakyCon in Orlando, Fl in August. As far as I know, this Con started out as a Harry Potter thing, and evolved from there. It's still pretty lit-heavy, although there are movie and television components, as well. And some concerts, I think. And guess who some of the other panelists are? SCOTT freakin' WESTERFIELD! JOHN GREEN! HOLLY BLACK! LAURIE HALSE ANDERSON! And many more.... Not that I am on the same panel as these luminaries and keynotes, mind you, but still. I am uber happy to have been accepted. My fellow CQ writers and I will be hosting the "Create Your Own Novel" panel, in which we use worldbuilding scenarios from three different iconic YA novels to, you guessed it, write your own novel. The winners get swag. (I really need some of that, it seems.) So yes, that's another writer milestone for me- to be on a panel, look all serious when asked questions, and... hopefully not sound like an idiot when I actually open my mouth. ;)

6. New author photo. Grr. Enough said.

That's a round-up of what's going on in Vicki's world. Thanks for stopping by. (And thanks for letting me test drive the new keyboard. I think I'm going to like this one- the keys are a bit more raised than the last model. Nothings worse for sloppy fingers than a flat keyboard.)


  1. After years of going to clubs under-aged and getting those horrible X's on my hands I found that the best thing to remove permanent marker is actually face cleaning pads like Stridex. Just for future reference, in case you happen to draw cat whiskers on someone...or anything else that shouldn't be worn in public :P

    My wardrobe is scrubs for work, pajamas, sweats, yoga pants, t shirts the rest of the time. At some point this past summer I tried wearing jeans and realized I needed to buy new ones as they didn't fit anymore. I did not have a baby but I do feel your pain there. Unfortunately I do have to wear socks. And shoes. And coats, hats, gloves, scarves. DC area weather this fall/winter/spring is ridiculous. I'm jealous of your Florida winter.

    How does one get some of this signed stuff and/or swag?? Seeing as I'm not really able to come to Florida...

  2. Oh also. MacBook is still teh awesome. Mine I have had since Feb 2009 when I bought it with my tax return. It has seen me through the second half of my extended college years. Moved a few times. Etc. It's been beaten up. Maybe I'm just lucky. My brother had a problem with killing his laptops too. He did not make it 8 months for the most part though. One rather pricey HP lasted a month. O.o His last computer was a MacBook Pro, which still works well but has a cracked mouse track pad thingie from when he got mad about something.

    I'd say maybe a more durable option would be a desktop but obviously that's not exactly portable to have available wherever you are at all times :/