Friday, February 14, 2014

Best Book Boyfriends

I've been blindsided by Valentine's Day this year. I woke up and realized what day it is, and then had the horrifying realization that I have absolutely nothing done. I guess I'll be doing some last minute scrambling to buy those hearts with candy in them. Or something.

In the meantime, I thought I'd do a first-ever post about book boyfriends. Lest I be accused of cheating, let me start off by saying no one will ever replace my own two favorite book heroes in my heart: Eliot Gray of my Chronicles of Nowhere series, and Asheroth of my Angel's Edge series. Eliot for making deadly rhyme with sexy, and Asheroth because... well, he's sort of the greatest character to ever happen to me, and I'm humbled he chose my book to hijack. Plus he's medium crazy, has a penchant for red leather, and enjoys stalking and kidnapping the objects of his affection in his spare time. Win win, right?

Oh, and a disclaimer: For my YA readers, some of these books are adult. Very much so. Don't let that stop you. Just... be warned.

Now that's out of the way, here are some of the best book boyfriends on the market:

Damon Black
Jennifer Armentrout's Obsidian (Lux #1)

I've had a thing for aliens lately, and it's all Jennifer Armentrout's fault.
Part of the reason this book was so refreshing was that I read it after a long string of paranormal romances in which the hero always, always, always turns out to be a "creature" of some kind. Vampire. Demon. Werewolf. Werepanther. Wereanything. Aliens were kind of a breath of fresh air.
The other reason I loved this book? Damon. Black.
Total asshole. But done really, really well. So well,  he had me from the first "Get lost." It's not the predictable taming-of-the-bad-boy, either. The heroine is almost as bad, in her own way, and the chemistry between the two of them works because Arementrout walks such a fine line between rage and passion. (YA)

Lucas Maxfield
Tammara Webber's Easy

One of the first New Adults I read, Lucas was appealing because he was so versatile. Tattoos, but sensitive. Smart as hell. Able to beat up the bad guys, but he'd rather teach the girl how to do it herself. Then stand back and let her do it. And he does. (New Adult)

Melissa Marr's Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely #2)

I'm noticing a trend with bad boys here. Tattooed ones, at that. Iri is appealing because he's a very dark character, but his actions are all driven by need and circumstance. As King of the Dark Court, he murders, maims, and tortures- anything to keep his court, and the ones he loves, protected. And when he does love, it's brutal and ferocious and neverending. (YA)

Stacia Kane's Unholy Ghosts

Another not-for-the-faint-of-heart hero, Terrible lives in Downside, where drug kingpins make all the rules, and vicious ghosts hunt the living. He's the only book boyfriend who isn't attractive. In fact, he's hideous, which I find a welcome change. We could use more ugly heroes and heroines. He's also a gentleman, holding doors open for ladies, and a fierce protector. He doesn't judge, either; his girlfriend is a drug addict and witch. Sounds dark, I know, but the series is a lot of fun. Also, it turned me on to The Stooges, so hey. That's reason enough to love him right there. (Adult)

Tabitha Suzuma's Forbidden

Lochan's actually a sweet guy. He looks after his little brothers and sisters in the vacuum left by their mother, who'd rather spend time drinking and partying with her much younger new boyfriend than take care of her family. Lochan's life is a mess, actually, as he and his next-oldest sister Maya try to keep social workers from figuring out just how bad their situation is, and splitting them all up into foster care. The catch? He and Maya are falling in love. Yup. Deep, wild, Romeo-and-Juliet type love. Which is all the more appealing because it's so tragic. (YA)

Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart

Joscelyn is a priest. A drop-dead sexy fighting priest. He belongs to an ancient order that pledges themselves to protect one person, even if it means their own death. So he's a double bonus- sexy and forbidden fruit. Except, he falls for his charge. Falls hard. The result is a delicious tension between vows he's sworn to keep, and the love that's become just as holy. NOTE: This book is very, very adult. Think Anne Bishop without the blood. (It's also great. Really.) (Adult. Very. I know I mentioned that already, but it's so very adult, I have to do it twice.)