Thursday, January 9, 2014

"The Last Carnivale" Reviewed in Primetime

Anthologies are odd creatures. I don't do a lot of them, primarily because I'm not much of a short story
writer. I don't read many of them, either, because I'm not much of a short story reader. Hmm. Seems to be a connection there. ;) This is probably a failing of some kind on my part, because on the rare occasion I do delve into an anthology, I invariably find something good. I tend to be drawn to stories in my (admittedly narrow) field of interest: paranormal and fantasy with a good dose of romance. I'm also more likely to pick one up if it's for a charitable cause.

When I entered a story in the Primetime compilation, it was because I've had this novel boiling around in the recesses of the creative stew pot- one that I fear may never see the light of day. Or at least, not for a long time. But the story keeps hanging around, and every now and then I'll give in and play around in that universe a bit. That's what happened with Primetime. Also, the proceeds go to a good cause: no-kill animal shelters. But I didn't have high hopes that the anthology would be some kind of breakaway success. It was mostly something I did for fun and charity. I didn't really expect that it would get reviewed. At least, not much. And I certainly didn't think my story would get singled out.

So I was more than pleased, and pretty surprised, when The Story Sanctuary did exactly that. Here's the review: "Some of the stories are simple suspenseful fun, while others flirt with a deeper darkness, exploring the minds of murderers and sexual predators. A few feature characters from full-length novels, no doubt hoping to pique the reader’s interest. Most compelling in this vein is the story of the Beggar Princess and her desperate resistance against powerful enemies who would destroy her people and home by titled “The Last Carnivale” by Vicki Keire."

So yes, wow, and thanks, Story Sanctuary! A good review- even a short blurb of one- is always happy news, but when it comes out of the blue, and for a story I'm not sure I'll get the chance to lavish much attention on for a while, it really makes my day. And makes me rethink the whole novel postponement, because hey, maybe it should see the light of day sooner than I'd planned. I certainly have my plate full with some heavy subject matter right now, and maybe this would be a good, fun, escapist kind of break.