Monday, January 6, 2014

New Book's Blurb!

So far it's been known as the cry-write-cry book. It's had a couple of names, too, including Bright Stars, Broken Compass. And even though I think I've finally settled on one name, I reserve the right to change my mind. Again. Grr. Many of you have listened to me moan and groan about it, or helped talk me off that ledge we writers sometimes can't find our way down from. So today, I'm really pleased to be able to offer up a blurb, and a tentative release date: March 25th. I have no idea how I'll be releasing it- self, Indie, small or trad. I just know it's a story that stretching my limits like no other. And I love it. Hopefully, you will too.

Something Like It

(A Dark New Adult Romance)

Shuffled between relatives who used him as a pawn in a high-stakes custody battle, Will Parker has been fending for himself since age twelve. Now in college, he's finally begun to cobble together a life of his own, with his own rules, and a circle of friends who know nothing about his past. 

Then he meets Abbey Banks. She speaks three languages, picks locks for fun, and reads poetry because she actually enjoys it. She has a Nobel Peace Prize winner on speed dial. And she's clueless that she has the body of a 1940s pin-up girl.

Being together makes life seem more exciting, more vibrant, more everything. Waffle feasts at midnight. Running away to the French Quarter. Skinny dipping in February. Will wants her more than oxygen, and Abbey feels the same way.

Until the day she disappears, taking nothing but the clothes on her back and her bank card. 

Will embarks on a desperate quest where just finding her won't be enough. Vulnerable and alone, Abbey's sense of what's real is unraveling fast. When she surfaces, stripped of everything that made her feel human, Will can only hope his something like a life can sustain them both.

(Also, it's the BCS Championship. War Damn Eagle! Just had to work that in.)