Monday, December 9, 2013

Auburn Pics & Things to Come

I will stop posting about football. I swear.
Right after the National Championship.

In the meantime, we are in the midst of the holiday season, and  I am woefully behind on my annual Christmas Music That Doesn't Suck playlists. So stay tuned for those.

Also, I'll be returning to Teaser Tuesdays. The craziness of my last release(s) has calmed down somewhat, so it's time for a taste of things to come. In the coming Tuesdays, I'll offer excerpts from Daughter of Glass, the next Whitfield novel, and from my current work in progress, the dark new adult romance Bright Stars, Broken Compass.

In the meantime, because my boys pulled off yet another win against Missouri at the same time that Ohio State lost, ensuring our spot in the BCS championship Jan. 7th, here's some original photography from my hometown of Auburn, Al. All photos property of Tribble Studios.

I will stop posting about football. Soon. Really.

War Eagle; Jordan-Hare Stadium in background

Toomer's Corner at night.
These are the famous oak trees that  were poisoned.
They aren't there any longer.

Gates of Jordan-Hare stadium

Samford Hall