Monday, November 18, 2013

On Authoring a Trilogy

Just saw the news that all major e-tailers have all three Angel's Edge books available. All. Three. And so I

find myself the author of a trilogy, and I'm thinking of why. Why did it have to be three? Admittedly, when I wrote the first book, I didn't have a concrete plan for the entire series. I had no way of knowing how popular the first book would be, how much pressure there would be to write more, or how much Whitfield would evolve all on its own. And now there are actually four- the trilogy and a stand-alone- because Whitfield won't leave me alone. But as to trilogies- they were kind of The Thing when I started Gifts of the Blood. So maybe I kind of had that ion the back of my head. But now that they're done, I can honestly look back and say it just took that many words to tell the story. Two wouldn't have done it and four would be too much. And I'm glad to have created a universe I can keep playing in. So, that's three down, one more to go- look out, Daughter of Glass!