Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Entire Angel's Edge Trilogy Releases With CQ Press This November!

Okay, so, I've been sitting on this news for a little while now. But contracts are signed, and I am finally free to shout it from the rooftops: I recently signed all three Angel's Edge books with Curiosity Quills Press, who will be re-releasing them in both digital- and, get this- print formats! And you won't have long to wait. They are all set to release at the same time- on November 11th! This includes the long-anticipated third book, Blood Redemption. And that's just the beginning. All three books have been re-edited and extensively updated. They have brand new content, and each one has a new prologue from a different central character's point of view. And the back matter! I'm really excited about that. There will be a special preview of the new, upcoming Asheroth novella. Yes, it's true- Whitfield's favorite villain is getting his own book!

We'll be running all kinds of promotions and special events between now and the release date, so stay tuned for special offers and chances to help. November 11th will be here in a blink! I'll be offering incentives and special gifts ranging from free e books, signed print copies, exclusive content, awesome swag, and gift cards, so be sure to stay tuned to my newsletters for more news and opportunities to help promote. For those of you die-hard angel fans, stay tuned for my upcoming Angels and Devils Playground promotion, where you can get free stuff just for buying my books! And this is just the beginning of a slew of forthcoming releases. Stay tuned for:

My new short story, "The Last Carnivale," is coming out October 1st as a part of CQ's Primetime Anthology. I'm really pleased to be among a number of talented, bestselling authors, including J.R. Rain, Anita Exley, James Wymore, Lisa Collicut, and more!

More Whitfield! Daughter of Glass, the story of a girl with emotions so powerful they manifest as actual people, will be coming out as a full novel, also in print and digital formats!

Asheroth, Asheroth, Asheroth! Everyone's favorite mad Fallen angel's story is sweeping, progresses through history, gets caught in a revolution, battles good and evil, and involves tragic but eternal love... as promised, you'll be able to read the first chapter as the entire Angel's Edge series releases on November 11th!

Even more Chronicles of Nowhere! The first two novellas will be re-released as an expanded, complete novel, again in digital and print formats, and there will be two sequels instead of the original one! I found, while writing Forgotten Fire, that I simply could not tell Chloe and Eliot's story in one more volume, and the good folks at CQ were more than pleased to sign on for more.

So as you can see, things are really busy around here in a very good way. I'll be updating the blog with release information as November 11th approaches, and I'm as active as ever on FaceBook and Twitter, but don't forget to sign up for my newsletter for special offers, promotions, incentives, and advanced sneak peeks.


  1. VERY COOL! So glad to know that I'll be able to read that third book.
    And the 3rd and 4th installments in Chronicles of Nowhere.

  2. Thanks Kate! Maybe I can hook you up with ARCs!