Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Update, DoG News

Not too much to report on the goals front, so I'll make this a quick one:

1. Last post, I wrote that I wanted to "knock out" a couple of chapters by next week's check in. It struck me that this was not quite concrete enough, so I tried a little more focused goal setting and came up with 3k by today. Well, I fell far short of that, hitting only about half that word count wise. BUT I did come up with the framework for two good chapters, and according to the original amorphous goal, I still have until Wednesday to shape those into full, pretty chapters, so perhaps it will work out after all. Perhaps the lesson for this check in is more in goal setting- the difference between too focused and just enough. This whole round is about finding that balance for me. Kind of a "teach a man to fish" thing, I guess. I should be able to make good progress tomorrow as the rest of the fam is headed to a Labor Day event, and most likely I'll stay home with the baby. It's just too hot for her to be out for that long here. Have I mentioned how brutal Central Florida summers can be? Brutal, but pretty. But we keep getting told we'll adjust....

2. Interestingly enough, I DID get the go-ahead from my publishers to go back through Daughter of Glass and add length. If I can make it to over 50k, which I'm only 3k-ish short of now, they will be willing to publish it as a full novel. THIS INCLUDES A PRINT EDITION. (Sorry again about the font-shouting. Seems to be happening a lot lately.) Here's the cover; it's one of my favorites of all time. Probably my second favorite ever, but since my favorite favorite hasn't actually been used yet, I guess that makes this the favorite after all? (Oh who cares- that's too much like math now.) There are a ton of really pretty interior illustrations too. More on this later as things develop- as things stand now, I won't have much time for rewrites, but those tend to go pretty quickly for me. I think I can knock them out in a matter of weeks.) There are also other exciting things happening on the book release front, but I'm still in talks about those so hopefully I'll be able to mention them soon.

Hope everyone is having a good, productive week!


  1. Congratulations! Even if you didn't make your 3K goal, you made great progress figuring out that framework. And hurray on the DoG front! Completely worthy of shouting from the rooftops (blog-tops?). Woo hoo!