Sunday, September 8, 2013

ROW80: A Most Ambitious Plan

I finished my goal last check in, but one day late, so I didn't do a Wednesday post. I did, however, check in on the ROW80 blog, which I should do more often. I appreciate all of you who weighed in over there to cheer me on!

My goal was to finish the last chapter of the last book of a trilogy, and I did it! Now it rests in the hands of the publishers, contracts on it are out, and I have the mixed joys of book launches ahead of me. The joy! The apprehension! I'm also on a tight rewrite schedule, maybe the tightest of my life. BUT! I am enjoying these rewrites quite a bit, am pleased with how they are coming, and am actually not worried overly much about the deadline for once. I owe the good folks at CQ a full rewrite by Sept. 19th. (I think. Whatever day is about twelve days from now. You can see I have already begun my retreat into that writerly cocoon where not much else makes sense but the fictional world on the other side of the computer screen.)

But, as I said, that really is a pretty tight schedule. I'm going to try to confine myself to rewrites and pr for the upcoming launch. Also, I am helping my friend and co-collaborator James Brad Maroney spread the word about his Kickstarter fund raiser for his comic The Age, so there will be some time spent on that. (Like now, for instance. Feel free to check out James and his work here, and if you feel like it, toss him some support.) So if I am a bit less social-media active than usual, or seem uni-focused, that would be why. Do not worry, it is all for a good cause. And it's all temporary.

So my goal is to have the first book rewritten, with a brand new shiny prologue, twelve days from now. That's approximately two or three rewritten chapters a day, plus a chapter of original content. (I need my calendar- this is already too much like math.) That's a pretty ambitious schedule, now that I think about it. Yikes. I'd better get to work. Set soem goals. Like right here, on ROW80. Twelve days is.... three check ins from now. So, here's a schedule. We'll see if I can pull it off.

Wed. Sept. 11: write original prologue, rewrite chapters 3-6.
Sun. Sept. 15: rewrite chapters 7-12.
Wed. Sept. 18: rewrite chapters 13-18.
Thur. Sept. 19: review and submit

Okay, doable? I think so. It will require lots of focus, but thankfully I have a supportive family, a well behaved infant, and the book in question is already pretty cooked. We shall see, and wish me luck!