Sunday, September 22, 2013

Life Is Good Today

It's hard to face a Sunday without an update. ROW80 has me programmed well! So I decided to do one, just for fun, because I have been working pretty hard on the rewrites. Like, crazy hard. The rewrites on Book 2 weren't due until October 3 and I turned them in yesterday. And I already have the file for Book 3 pulled up on my taskbar, just ready and waiting. But I am making myself take a break. I may work on it tomorrow, but today I did other stuff, and it felt surprisingly great.

I slept late as hell, which worked out well, because the baby slept late too. I had time to make coffee and surf the web and get dressed in a leisurely manner. All the things I have not been able to do since she was born. We don't watch a lot of tv, but I "mainlined" a show with the kids that they like, and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. I found the perfect tasty and healthy recipe that uses up those last two bruised apples no one wants to eat. How magic is that? Actually using the last two bruised apples in the bowl? Pure disco, I say! It was a very chill kind of day with the fam on the llama farm. Life is good today.

Tomorrow? Sleeping late again. Cafe Bustelo and toast made from butterloaf. Laundry. 'Cuz babies generate a lot of that. A blog redesign? Possibly. Rewrites. Possibly. A new author bio, book blurbs, and a cover reveal post. Definitely. Spreading the word about the Primetime anthology, because 10% of proceeds are going to no-kill animal shelters, and that is a super worthy cause. Conversations. Kisses. Making the baby laugh, because that is my current favorite sound in the world. Meals will be prepared, lingered over, and only half-heartedly cleaned up after. Trading off the beautiful lake-front Florida view for the bug bites I always get when I enjoy said view. Saving some porch plants from certain death, or else hastening it, because I was born with a black thumb.

And that is all. Thanks for reading!


  1. Breaks are good!!!! Stay sane! :)
    How old are the kids?
    New author bio?? AND a cover reveal?? Oooo! :)
    Philodendrons and Peace Lilies are the only plants I can keep alive. I have 2 philodendrons in my bedroom which are taking over the bookshelf on which they reside. My ex once got me a cactus. The desert can't kill one but I sure can! Poor cactus...

  2. I too have killed a cactus. It's been rainy, so the houseplants are hanging on. Don't know for how long, tho-

  3. Good work, you hardworking lady! Love the new blog look. It's definitely different, but still somehow very you. :)

    1. Thanks Kate! I'm still not sure if I like it or not. I go back and forth. May have to try again soon!