Thursday, September 19, 2013

Final ROW80 Roundup

This is it! The end of round 3! And it's time to take stock...

Well, I joined the round late, so I probably didn't get as much done as I could have if I'd started out when everyone else did. But the Row is good like that- you can just jump in whenever. And this time around, I purposely decided not to set huge, all-encompassing goals when I started, but rather to try and set them week by week (or a little longer sometimes) to see how far I could get. So how did I do?

1. I finished the rewrites on the first book of my trilogy and got it turned in two days early.
2. I finished a chapter of original fiction and got that turned in early too.
3. I am currently ahead of my deadline for rewrites for the second book in the trilogy.
4. I wrote another chapter of original work for a forthcoming book.
5. I finished some pretty significant rewrites AND an original epilogue for a serial that is going to be published as a novel. (This will require even more rewrites, but that is for another round!)
6. I signed contracts with Curiosity Quills Press for two series and a stand-alone novel, which will keep me busy well into spring 2014 (at least!) They'll be released as both e books and print editions, so that's really exciting. Also, CQ now has distribution with Barnes and Noble, so my books have nationwide channels of distribution! Woot!

What did I NOT do?
1. I didn't get to work on the novella that's a spin-off of my first trilogy. However, that was kind of a strategic decision, as it made more sense to focus on rewrites because those require me to revisit the entire series. I kind of figure this will make the spin-off easier to do, with events from the original series fresh in my mind.

So all in all, I figure it's a pretty good round. In the short break between rounds, I'm going to focus on finishing rewrites, work on that novella if I get the chance, and write a short story for an anthology I'm really excited about. The anthology shorts aren't due until November 28th, so I've got plenty of time to work on it.

That's a wrap, folks, and see you next round!


  1. Replies
    1. Aww, thanks, Lauralynn! You're no slouch yourself! Hope to see you next round, if not before!

  2. An impressive and professionally presented roundup for Round 3, nicely focused on writing, rewriting, editing, and getting-ready-to-write. Curiosity Quills Press looks pretty interesting for the sci-fic/paranormal genre, and you're racking up a good amount of reviews. Maybe you'll write about what you did to encourage those reviews? May you continue well in the coming round.

    1. Thanks, Beth! That's a good idea for a future post- the care and feeding of reviews. CQ *is* really a really good place to be for my genre- I'm lucky to be with them. And all the best to you in the coming round- thanks for stopping by!

  3. Excepting that strategic decision to not work on the novella, you really made things happen this Round of Words, Vicki. Extra special congrats for the signed deal with Curiosity Quills (and their new distribution path). That's wonderful for you and them.

    Lots of pluses here. Hopefully we'll see you next week for even more. :-D

  4. Thanks, Eden! I've been with ROW80 for a few years now, off and on, and it's hard to remember a more focused, productive round. Here's hoping the next one is even half as good!

  5. Wow! I think jumping in late and weekly goals really worked for you!

    I tend to set goals buffet style, because I have a mountain-goat brain, nimbly darting and leaping between things. I usually move through in a cycle, but I can set things aside when something needs more focus and time.

    I'm in the early stages of writing a double series out of sequence, and it does help me to find recurring themes, plots, and the like, because I have other parts of the story in mind. It can get a little confusing -- getting a handle on that timeline I keep promising myself in the next round or two will help with that!

    So happy about your book deal...exciting times ahead! =)