Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ROW80: Baby Steps

I guess I have babies on the brain. I recently gave birth to one, after all. Oh hell, she's crying. (Brb #1)

So it occurs to me that, while the whole point of Row80 is to set measurable goals and stick to them, I have fallen so far off the wagon that I need to break the goals down into even smaller bites. (Brb #2) Therefore, I'm not even going to try to look at the bigger picture right now. I'm going to focus on what I can do in the here and now, and try to limit myself to, say, a week on out as far as planning goes. Many reasons for this, including (brb #3) le bebe. I was a lot younger, more energetic, and generally had less going on the first time I was a mother. I certainly wasn't a writer then, too. So I have no idea how to pace myself in the face of all of that, other than the immutable fact that one must simply write, no matter what it takes. Hopefully pacing/timing myself for a week or so will help me with the bigger goal setting.

...... finish rewriting Daughter of Glass by the weekend. THEN write the bonus chapter by next Wednesday. That gives me two more check ins to have one of the smaller goals knocked off the list. But hark! I hear Kait Nolan's cheerful chirp: "Measurable... measurable..." And really, I suppose I do need to break it down further. This is the Row, after all. I am going to aim to squeeze out an hour a day, interruptions included, although the hour need not be continuous. Since I am going for rewrites rather than original content, timing myself may work out better. And it may flow better with the constant diapering/feeding/rocking/singing of silly songs that is my life now.  Therefore- an hour a day, with DoG rewrites by the weekend, and bonus chappie by Wed. Happy writing to everyone else; I hear brb #4 coming on.


  1. Good for you, getting all that writing done with a small bebe to take care of. I never could get the knack of writing without sleep. I'm getting a lot more done these days.

    I'm catching up on all your entries and greatly looking forward to reading your new stuff!