Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Baack... With Baby Emma!

You know what's so cool about the publishing world? (Besides pretty much everything?) You can disappear off the face of the planet for a spell and people will still talk to you! Not only that, they will still be your friends!!!

Sorry about the enthusiastic punctuation. But it's been amazing to come back from having my daughter and the retreat to the Appalachian foothills to find so much support and well-wishes. My inbox positively overfloweth. And my heart, like the Grinch's, swelled... how big was it? Twenty times its normal size? Or twenty times the size of his body? Ah hell. Just forget that metaphor ever even started. Clearly, I will have to brush up on my kid's shows. But I have a couple of years before Emma even cares.

She's perfect. So very very perfect. I know everyone says that about their babies, but in Emma's case it's true. (Even though everyone says that, too.) Eight and a half pounds at birth, and now she's... God, I don't even know. Somewhere south of huge? Suffice to say I am developing amazing biceps.

Some facts about Emma:

Her super secret nickname is "Boo." It's super secret so I won't do anything like post it on the internet where future boyfriends might find it one day and torment her endlessly.

Her smile is huge and crooked.

Her hair looks pink in the sunlight. Really we think it's going to be red, like Grandma Keire's was. That or I have given birth to an anime baby.

She is a very serious baby, always thinking Very Deep Thoughts. We know this because her brow furrows constantly, and a surefire way to get her to stop crying is to talk to her about Southern agrarian economics, the Appalachians as the last bastions of 18th Century Scotch/Irish/English culture, Boo Radley as a King Arthur figure in To Kill a Mockingbird... I did mention we didn't have tv or internet at the cabin, didn't I? ;) But plenty of books. The paper kind, because not even Amazon can penetrate the densely forested Jernigan Hollow.

She will hate the color pink. This is because absolutely everything marketed to girl babies has pink in it somewhere, which is a surefire way to put her off the color forever.

We think she may have a drinking problem. The child drinks all the time. Breast milk, formula, different brands of formula... it doesn't matter, as long as she gets it NOW.

She is middle-named after her sweet and amazing Great-aunt Beth.

Ah, she stirs! I must away to baby-tend. I'm so glad to be back, even though I do miss the cabin and the Hollow already. I can't wait to write more about my sojourn there. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Yay! I have missed you!! So happy you all are happy. :)

  2. Congratulations, Vicki! I had no idea! I've had issues of my own and haven't caught up to everyone. I'm SO glad to actually hear happy news like this. Nothing is sweeter than a little one. :)

  3. My RSS feeder lost your blog!! (I think everything's sorted out now.)

    Congrats on your bouncing bundle of Boo!!! :P Awesomesauce.

  4. I did wonder why I hadn't heard from you in such a very long time. :( But so glad there was such a cool reason! That cabin sounds amazing! I think that if I went somewhere like that, I would want to leave behind my two rambunctious boys and just sleep all day. hahaha!

    Can't wait to see what happens next with your writing!