Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Artwork of Daughter of Glass

Although I've been busy writing away, it has been a while since my last release. That doesn't mean I have nothing in the works, however. 
The amazing cover!
The famous fountain in Old Town Square.
At twilight, of course! 
The streets of Whitfield at night.
Just who is this mysterious guy?
You'll have to read DoG to find out!
Suffice to say, he's one of my favorites!
When I created the town of Whitfield, I always envisioned it as a common thread among stories of all types. Since the town is both supernatural and mundane, it can support stories of both kinds. Admittedly, I'm only in the barest beginning stages of exploring its "normal" side, but I have spent a great deal of time hanging out on the supernatural side of town. It's been really rewarding to have built a world where characters can "visit" each other in different stories and hang out in some of the same places. Currently I have a 3-book series and one novella that take place in Whifield, and although they deal with different principal characters, there is some overlap of my favorites in both.

I'm very excited as the novella, Daughter of Glass, draws closer to its eventual publication. Curiosity Quills Press has commissioned not only an amazing cover, but illustrations for each chapter. Through them, we catch a glimpse of the Whitfield of all four books. I thought I'd share some snapshots of the town as seen through the lens of Daughter of Glass. They give the town a kind of life of its own.

More about Daughter of Glass:
Imagine having emotions so powerful they manifest as actual people. These emotional avatars are always with you, determined to protect you from yourself. But then you fall in love- and suddenly your "protectors" turn into your jailers as they fight to keep you under their control.
Sasha and Noah must escape these bonds in order to serve the love between them.