Monday, September 10, 2012

ROW80: Reads and Writes

So I'm reading the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout, and wow, is it amazing. I love it that the main character is a book blogger. I heart book nerds. It's also the first book to keep me up all night since V.J. Chamber's Helicon Muses series. Which reminds me that I need to do reviews for the Helicon Muses because they are awesome and everyone should run out and buy them, and I'm hoping to stalk V.J. into doing an interview. Which would be great, because she was the very first Indie I ever read, and I still turn into a fangirl when it comes to her.
A really good writing week; I managed to get two writing days in on the DNB for a total of 2200. The next chapter requires not just a character switch, but a gender switch too, and I don't know that I've ever written from a boy's POV before. Well, there was that one prologue for Darkness in the Blood, but that's it. So here is where the rubber meets the road: can I write in a male POV? We shall shortly see. It's early days yet, and I can still switch to making this a 1st person from my main female character's POV if it's beyond me.
Wrote another 2200 words on Blood Redemption; it was totally an Asheroth chapter, and he's one of my favorite characters. Have you ever sat down to write, and had a character spring, fully formed, onto the page? That's what happened with him. He came pre-loaded with baggage, personality . . . the whole works. Actually, something like that may have already happened in the DNB. A character kind of just showed up. A good, layered one. So that was great.
The best thing about this week was that I did manage to write for about four days out of the whole week. And that was pretty evenly split between two different projects, which is awesome. I've been struggling with developing this habit for the whole round, and if that's all I take away from it, I will be a happy lady.
Hope everyone else's week is going well. Can't wait to check in with the rest of my ROW80 peeps on Wednesday!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Artwork of Daughter of Glass

Although I've been busy writing away, it has been a while since my last release. That doesn't mean I have nothing in the works, however. 
The amazing cover!
The famous fountain in Old Town Square.
At twilight, of course! 
The streets of Whitfield at night.
Just who is this mysterious guy?
You'll have to read DoG to find out!
Suffice to say, he's one of my favorites!
When I created the town of Whitfield, I always envisioned it as a common thread among stories of all types. Since the town is both supernatural and mundane, it can support stories of both kinds. Admittedly, I'm only in the barest beginning stages of exploring its "normal" side, but I have spent a great deal of time hanging out on the supernatural side of town. It's been really rewarding to have built a world where characters can "visit" each other in different stories and hang out in some of the same places. Currently I have a 3-book series and one novella that take place in Whifield, and although they deal with different principal characters, there is some overlap of my favorites in both.

I'm very excited as the novella, Daughter of Glass, draws closer to its eventual publication. Curiosity Quills Press has commissioned not only an amazing cover, but illustrations for each chapter. Through them, we catch a glimpse of the Whitfield of all four books. I thought I'd share some snapshots of the town as seen through the lens of Daughter of Glass. They give the town a kind of life of its own.

More about Daughter of Glass:
Imagine having emotions so powerful they manifest as actual people. These emotional avatars are always with you, determined to protect you from yourself. But then you fall in love- and suddenly your "protectors" turn into your jailers as they fight to keep you under their control.
Sasha and Noah must escape these bonds in order to serve the love between them.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

ROW80: D.N.B. and Twitter

I finally did it! I managed to work on two different projects at the same time!
This week, I got in 1k on my Darling New Book, or DNB. I like calling it the DNB because then it can also be the D*mn New Book, depending on how I'm feeling about it. Then I pretty much pulled an all-nighter writing on my serial, which amounted to 3k. So I'm Chapter 15 of Blood Redemption, and I'm aiming for 22-24 chapters. So I'm over halfway there. I got to write a landmark Asheroth chapter, "The Dangers of Being Rational." I love that guy. That brings me to the upper tier of my word count goal of 4k for the week. So all in all, pretty good progress.Now if I can just keep it up with the DNB.

Got together with some friends to do some Labor Day cross-promo; I used to do it a lot for the IBC, but not so much since I haven't had the time to be involved with them. Hopefully the IBC is something I'll be able to get back into since my editing calendar is less full. We exchanged Twitter handles and brief book promos, and posted for each other throughout the Labor Day weekend. Doing it once a day for other people keeps it from being spammy. Some examples:

From Jesi Lea Ryan: Do you believe in psychic powers? Neither did Arcadia...until it began happening to her. #YA #paranormal

From Charlotte Abel: Magic faces off with true love when a young witch is slapped with a chastity curse. ENCHANTMENT by @charlotte_abel

And one from me: Angels, Demons, and everything in between. Check out Vicki Keire's GIFTS OF THE BLOOD, only 99 cents on Amazon:

If you are not already harnessing the power of Twitter as a marketing tool, think about it. Plus it's just fun and a great way to keep in touch with other ROW80 folks through our hashtag, #ROW80. Hoping to spend the rest of the week with either one of my current writing projects, or hopefully both, and catch up on some much needed book reviews and features I've got planned for the blog. Hope everyone's having a great Labor Day weekend!