Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wrapping It Up . . .

So I'm at the midpoint of the book I'm working on, and this wave of exhaustion just suddenly hit me. So much to do- my son's open house tomorrow, where we have to do all the official school stuff like rent a locker, meet teachers, and try to wrestle a tuba out of thin air. (Those things are hard to find. Seriously.) Then my daughter has to pick up her school-issued laptop from another school across the city. It's the last possible day to work on my chapter for the week, and I know I'm going to have to cook dinner because Daniel is working late. And I have this editing I'm doing, an apocalypse piece, that's due, too. (Shakes fist at universe.) I mean, I'm glad the kids are going back to school because ultimately it will free up time and give much needed structure back to our days, but wow, is it a bitch getting ready. At least we have the school supply shopping done.

Deep breath. Rant over. I think.

So my point is that I'm wrapping it up for the day thank god, and also thinking about the wrap-up for my book. I'm over half way there. It's hard to believe, because the cliche about "it feels like only yesterday" is really true right now. I like that I've done it in installments. It's been manageable, doing a chapter a week. If I can do that every week, that's like two full-length novels a year, and I can maybe even squeeze a novella or short story in there too. So I'm really pleased with how that ROW80 goal is working out. Not so pleased that I seem incapable of working on two projects at once, because I have a burning deadline on another book I've way overshot. But I've written for more days than I'm used to this week, so that's good. That means maybe there's hope for doing two things at once. Why can I juggle a gazillion things in my normal life, but not manage two in writing? That's been a goal I've been really struggling with. But! I refuse to throw in the towel yet. I am determined to evolve.

Word count? 2200 so far. And I have more to do tomorrow. But it feels good to realize that I've hit the lower end of my goal already, and the week's only half done. Maybe I'll be able to carve out another couple of days of hard writing this week. I'm tempted to keep on going tonight but I'm really hearing the siren song of the sandman. And obviously I've managed to squeeze a post in, albeit a scattered one. That's already an improvement in my goals, since I went so long without posting this past month.

Mmm. I'm going to shut up now, as I seem to be going monosyllabic. Hope everyone is better rested than me! Thanks for stopping by.

Update! 3500 words total so far before bed. Woot woot!

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