Monday, August 20, 2012

ROW80: Plenty of "Hand" Action

A late ROW80 update:
1. I hit just under the upper tier of my goal by writing 3500 words this past week. I got my chapter turned in and was mortified to discover that I had 40, yes 40!!! instances of the word "hand(s)" in my ms. Talk about a lot of hand action ;) But thank god my editor has the patience of a saint. Between the two of us, we managed to knock it down to about 13 occurrences. I am now "hand" phobic. Here are the final results: 

2. Once again I failed at writing on more than one project at once. I am giving myself two weeks to correct this issue before I look at changing my goal on this permanently for the rest of the round. I hate to do that, but I also hate posting "I failed at this" every single stinking week. This is the writing challenge that deals with real life, right? So no point  in making it a wish list for the life I don't have. I have to deal with what's actually happening. So we'll see if I can turn it around. 

3. I read this week, and felt terribly guilty about it. But really, (and I probably say this about every book I read these days) it was genre research! I pinky swear! See, I wrote this post about changing trends in YA fiction (The Cinderella Syndrome), and decided I wanted to know a little more, so I've been checking out the bestselling Indie YA contemporaries lately. I read Easy by Tammara Webber, and liked it pretty well. I think I'll move on to Abbi Glines next, since she's so darn popular AND she's from Alabama too. Or at least she writes about it, setting the majority of her series in an Alabama coastal town. Didn't know we had a coast? ;) Well, we do, and it's da** beautiful. We used to live there, hurricanes and all, and my youngest was born there. So it'll be nice to return.

4. Actually squeezed in an extra post this week! Hurrah! It was the aforementioned "Cinderella Syndrome in YA Fiction," and I was pretty pleased with both the traffic and the subject matter. Apparently other people have had their fill of the paranormal too. Tune in later this week when I work in another blog post- Dark SciFi writer Michael Shean will be visiting, discussing his latest release Bone Wires and chatting about serialized fiction and other interesting things. 

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