Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Midweek Update

So I finally got to start the new book today. It's totally new, unrelated to any ongoing series. I've been really excited and enjoying the hell out of planning, which I've been engaged in all week (and before). But naturally, when I sat down to do the roll-up-my-sleeves part and actually put fingers to keys, the momentum slowed. Still fun, but work, you know? Still. I'm very excited to be starting something new.
So far this week I'm at 1k. Quite a bit to do tomorrow, unrelated to darling New Book, but still vital.
I'm also no longer a full time editor with CQ. In some ways this frees up more time to write, but in other ways, not so much, since that means I am back on the job market in an area where unemployment routinely runs 12-15%. We'll see how it goes. I'm still doing freelance if anyone knows of someone who needs a reasonably priced editor. Beyond that, things are crazy as ever, full of platform building and networking and drama. Oh! And writing. Lots of writing. Because that is, after all, the point, right? Hope everyone's having a good week!