Monday, August 27, 2012

Late ROW80 Update

Late with the update. It's been rather a weird week, and not in a good way. I missed updating on Wednesday, mainly because I hadn't done any writing yet, and didn't feel the need to write a post saying I'd done pretty much nothing. Okay, not nothing. I did manage 300 words, but the rest of the writing took place after Wednesday. I really think my mood is affecting my creative output and I hate it when that happens. The inverse of that is that focusing on my writing will probably have a positive effect on my mood, and that's what I'm aiming for this week. A good solid foundation of back-to-basics writing. Do any of you out there experience that? Mood affecting creativity? Or are you more of the "buckle down and do it no matter what" variety?

On the plus side, I managed to get 3200 words in this past week- one whole chapter. That puts me at Chapter Fourteen in Blood Redemption, well over halfway there. Threads are coming together, characters and relationships are developing nicely, and most importantly, I can see myself typing "the end." When that happens, I will have a whole trilogy under my belt. It's been a long time coming, but it looks like the finish line is in sight, and that's pretty cool.

Managed to get some reading done. I read Abbi Gline's Because of Low, and liked it pretty well. I've been on a contemporary kick, and thought I might see about writing something on that front, but so far just straight contemporary doesn't seem like something that will hold my interest long enough to finish a whole book on it. Nope, my stuff needs to be darker. So I'm thinking along the lines of college aged kids with problems- the kind of thing I mention in my post about the Cinderella Syndrome. Maybe I'll actually have time to work on that book Stacey Wallace Benefiel and I have been planning. That would be cool.

I did read an awesome paranormal series- V.J. Chambers (of whom I am a raging fangirl) just released a new series- The Helicon Muses, and wow, is it ever awesome. The first book is called Dancing Days, and it's like if Hogwarts was a bohemian collective and you realized your boyfriend might be turning into Voldemort. But so much better than my pitiful description. Hopefully I'll get to have her on here for an interview soon. (Inner fangirl goes "squee!") Hope everyone is having a good, creative week. By next update hopefully I'll be back to rocking along!


  1. For sure my mood affects my writing! I've been having a lot of highs and lows lately, so I write a lot one day a week. At this point, Found is gonna be out next summer. :)
    Yes, let's write our book! I think now is a great time for an NA contemporary.
    Chin up, you're doing all you can!

    1. Aww, thanks sweetness! You always make me feel better. And yes, YA contemp is blowing up the bestsellers lists. Not that that's a reason in itself to write a book, but if the shoe fits and all that...