Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Update and Free Book Giveaways!

Got up unreasonably early this morning, and I'm really tired, so I'll keep this brief.
Word Count:
Monday: wrote about 1100 words, some of which I wound up ditching. This is because I started out freewriting, and then the freewriting kind of morphed into an actual draft while I was doing it. It's amazing how often this happens when I freewrite. I should change the name to freedrafting :)
Tuesday: wrote another 2200 words, many of which I ditched. See freewriting/ drafting above! But after I pruned and nurtured, I wound up with a chapter I was pretty proud of. It's currently off at the editor's and I hope she likes it as much as I do! But then, isn't that what we all want from our editors?
Grand total: I wound up with a roughly 2600 words chapter. This leaves me halfway to my goal of 4k, two chapters per week. I've already written two days this week, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to write today, I'm that tired. There's always Thursday and Friday, and then I will have acheived my goal of writing more days per week. But then who knows- I may surprise myself and get a second wind! I also wrote another 600 word proposal for an anthology I've had kicking around in my head. It felt good to get it out of my head and onto paper, which is, of course, the first step to making it actually happen. More on that later, if the powers that be like my idea.

Editing: working on a story that I absolutely love so far. Yay to the amazing Thea Gregory! It's such a treat to edit a book that's right in sync with my tastes and genre.

Blogging: I haven't missed a ROW80 check in yet! And I plan to do a Friday post, because it's (drumroll) free Starbucks day! So I think I'll do a Friday Finds post. But I just wanted to give a head's up to everyone that Starbucks will be giving away free Refreshers chillers from noon to three on Friday.

Reading: I hardly ever do this anymore, because of the writing and editing obligations. However, I picked up this free book through the Smashwords sale that's going on, called Golden Blood. It's about a family of time travelers, and of course it's YA and there's a love story element. I'm barely halfway through, but I'm loving it so far. Then I checked and saw it had two sequels, all priced at $2.99! What a way to hook a reader, right? It makes me think about going free with my first book, and charging more for the sequels. It's a strategy that I know is working for some friends of mine, so maybe I'll give it a whirl. Eventually. At any rate, be sure to check out the Smashwords sale! Also, there's a big free book drive going on through the IBC if you have a Kindle- The Heat Wave Free Par-tay. I've participated in this program before, and also use it to gobble up free books every time they have one, so be sure to check it out!

I did say I was keeping this brief, didn't I? Oh well. maybe I'm perking up and I'll get to that writing after all. Hope everyone is having a great week.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I've been wanting to read Golden Blood for ages. A few of my friends adored it.

  2. I should have averted my eyes. Now I have to add another awesome book to my TBR. :)

  3. Free books, yay! Bigger TBR pile, boohhhh! I have a serious problem!!