Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Update

1. I hit the upper tier of my word count goal this week- 4k! Unfortunately, I *still* didn't write for as many days as I would like. I would really like to add in another two days per week. I've found, when I'm not under deadline, that 1k is a good comfortable goal, but that when the heat is on I an write as much as 3k-4k in one day. I'd like to find a balance in between the two, so that I'm writing 2k even when I don't have a deadline.

2. Reading- no time to read, although I did find a YA SF book I'm dying to sink my teeth into called Glow. I swear my TBR pile is going to crush me one day. I tried for a little bit to get into The Night Circus, but so far it's failed to hold my interest. I have to admit, I am kinda getting over the whole paranormal thing, and am eager to see my writing (and reading tastes) go in new directions. I've had this dark SF book kicking around for a while now. I even have some of it already written, and pretty much the whole thing plotted out. It's just a matter of finishing my current projects first before I jump into it. (Beware seductive plot bunnies). Have also thought quite extensively about a contemporary YA, but none of that summer love stuff. Nope, in my contemporary YA universe, people have serious problems. Like mental illness and alcoholism and poverty and stuff. 

3. Editing- I'm involved in this massive editing project right now. It's taking up quite a bit of time because it's just so long, but it's also the sequel to something I've read before, so I'm eager to see how it ends. The end is just so . . . far away. But I will get there, and all will be well. Incidentally, I've noticed that all this editing is really helping me with my own writing- I'm catching more mistakes, and things like repetition and pacing seem to be getting better on the first go. 

4. Marketing- I still have no idea why, but my two Indie pubbed books are on week two of being on bestsellers lists on Amazon. The two books together are consistently sitting on five different bestseller categories, and this during a time of year when I'm supposed to be experiencing a slump. The only thing I can figure is that the two books are ties to the serial I'm currently writing for my publisher, and that's generated some extra interest. Still haven't touched the price points, and I'm sure that helps some too, although I do plan to raise prices one day in the not-too-far future. 

5. Totally random aside: they are laying fiber optic cable in the neighborhood, which I'm happy about because it means another cable company is moving in. (For years there has only been one provider for the whole area). That's wonderful- competition in the market is going to be a healthy thing, and who knows, maybe we'll even switch services after years of the tyranny of one company. However, it does mean the internet may be going in and out some, which sucks. They also tend not to tell you when your internet may go out, so that's a double suck. But hopefully such interruptions will be miraculously few in nature. All of this is to say, if I drop off Facebook or can't be reached on chat, just shoot me an email and I'll get right back to you. I'm not ignoring anyone on purpose!

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how the week has worked out. Hope everyone else is having a good week, and I'll see you all next check-in, if not before.


  1. It sounds like you are motoring right along, Vicki. Your contemporary YA sounds interesting. I read a lot of YA, even though I've never written it, but I have to say that smarmy contemporary romance YA turns me off. I suffered a lot of angst at that age, and romance was the least of my problems! It would be wonderful to read something that addressed that other reality.

    I can so relate to wanting fiber optic. I live in an urban area that only offers one internet option and I HATE IT. Oh, sorry, but I cannot wait until fiber optic gets here so I can tell my current provider to go swim in the Hudson.

    I hope your coming week continues to be good. :)

  2. I hate deadlines. That's one reason I'm SO glad I'm indie. I can't image anyone but ME telling me when I have t finish something.

    That is so great about your books being so far up on the list. My books are in a total slump right now, and the other authors I've talked to are saying the same thing. So...awesome!

  3. What a great week and congrats on the bestseller lists!!

  4. Congratulations on the bestseller list! That's certainly something to be proud of. It sounds like others are recognizing all of the hard work you're putting in.

    As much as I like being able to keep a steady writing routine and word count, there is definitely an extra motivation when deadlines and goals are hanging over your head. That's great that you're able to churn out so many words at once! That will come in handy!

    Have a great week.

  5. Oh, plot bunnies. They sound so cute, but I tend to think of them more like the killer rabbit from Monty Python. (Anyone seen my holy hand grenade?)

    I have a sci-fi book kicking around in my brain, but it's voice isn't as loud as my series at this point, so it's gone into the wonder woman book of record (my wonder woman notebook) and will get pulled out at some point when I have the time and interest to devote to it. :)

    Kudos on the awesome sales! You deserve it!