Sunday, July 8, 2012

ROW80: Finding a Rhythm

A really productive week so far. It's not just the word count, which has been rockin' along. It's more that I'm getting back into the swing of things after having been out of them for so long.

Some of you may not know I wear another hat- that of an editor at CQ Press, who've also published my books. (The publishing part came first; the editorship followed). They're a great bunch of folks over there- as supportive and nice a group of people as I could ask for. So this is totally not their fault, but for a while I lost sight of the fact that I had to be a writer first. I let the editing consume me and neglected the writing. And for me, that's a kind of slow artistic death. I forgot what happens when I don't write- it's not pretty. I get cranky and depressed and am, in general, not the best me I can be.

So I had to do some life restructuring. For me, that meant learning to say no, and letting go of some professional affiliations. It also meant trying to find some balance in my personal life- I've had a sick family member, and that has taken up some time, too. All of these are things people struggle with everyday, I know, but I really let myself lose sight of what's important for a while there.

So, for me, what does getting back into the swing of things look like? Well, let's start with word count: I wrote: 1200, 700, and 2600 words this week, spread out over a three-day period, for a grand total of (eek! math!) 4500 words. This falls well within my range of 2k minimum, 4k hopeful. Yay! I made my upper limit during the first week! I am thinking a new goal for the rest of the challenge is to increase the number of days I write, while keeping the word count where it is. Instead of three, let's try at least four this week, just as a test, and I'll see how it goes.

Happy writing, everyone! This is a blog hop, and you can catch up with the other participants here.


  1. Ha ha! Here's to getting our acts together. :) It is seriously hard to do it all and not let something slide and when the thing that's sliding is family or love of writing, we've got to kick our butts back into gear.
    I'm happy you had a good week and hope this next one is even better!

  2. There you are!!! So happy to see you back. AND WRITING! I was just commenting to my mom the other day how much I'm looking forward to the next installment in the Chronicles of Nowhere series. :)

  3. Good for you! Could you write a book on how to balance life, say NO (such a failing of mine, Yes escapes my lips before I can stop it most times), and rededicate to writing as a priority? I'll be the first in line to buy it!

    And yeah for your word counts. You've inspired me. I'll start practicing now. No, No, No, No... ;-)