Sunday, July 15, 2012

Reading, Writing, and Rock n Roll: Sunday Update

I always think I'm going to keep these posts brief, and then I wind up going way over that. So today I'm not even going to pretend! Also, I found this neat picture I've been playing with in Photoshop. It has nothing to do with anything, except that I like it cause it's cool, and it inspires me somewhat. Just wanted to add a pretty to this post!

Writing: I finished that 2600 word chapter earlier in the week, and would you believe it? My editor had no problems with it whatsoever. It posted on Friday with no corrections of any kind! I don't think that's ever happened before. So that made me happy. Since then, I've had mixed luck: I wrote roughly 500 useable words yesterday, and another 1163 in freewriting. The freewriting morphed, as it so often does, into something even more useful: a detailed outline for the next chapter (or maybe even two). So we'll see how that goes- I'm planning on working on it today, right after this post. Oh, I supose I should add up the total: 3100 useable words this week, which is closer to my 4k goal, but not quite there. I also didn't write on as many days I would have liked, but that's ok, there's always next week.

Editing: Had the pleasure of editing a charming little book that will be published by CQ in the coming months. I hesitate to call out individual authors that I edit; I'm not sure why, but it feels like a violation of privacy, which is why I am so often close-mouthed about my editing life. But this little story by the amazing Thea Gregory just made me want to crow- she's one to watch if you like sci fi.
I did pull out an old ms of mine- The Ressurrection of Blake House- which is supposed to be a short, romantic ghost story, definitely aimed at adults. Every now and then I'll pull it out and tinker with it, in the hopes that there is something I could do to salvage it. But I had to admit, yet again, after hours of playing with it, that it just isn't worth saving at this spoint in my life. It would take more effort than I could put into it, and I had to admit the sex scenes were just... cardboard. That's not really my genre, after all, so maybe it's for the best. It's always sad to have to completely trash a whole project, though.

Reading: Finished all three books in Melisa Pearl's Time Spirit trilogy. I posted about this for the last ROW80 update- the first book, Golden Blood, is available on Smashwords for free right now. Well, I loved it so much I had to get the other two: Black Blood and Pure Blood. They were fairly quick, easy reads, but this didn't detract from the quality of the writing. I also read Chelsea Fine's Sophie and Carter, which actually made me cry. If you're looking for a good sentimental YA contemporary romance, you can't go wrong with this one. It also was short, and I finished the whole thing in bed before falling asleep. I love it when I can kill a story in one shot; it makes me feel less guilty about the other things I should be doing. Like writing!

Writing music: I look for very particular things in my writing music. It has to be upbeat enough to keep me feeling energized, but it also has to be able to blend into the background for when I get really immersed in the writing. I found this one awesome band out of Asheville, NC called River Whyless, and they have their cd on sale for "name your price," so you can literally buy it for $0. They call themselves "Baroque Folk," but don't let that fool you; it definitely rocks along.
Incidentally, I had a writing teacher once who told me he liked to listen to jazz when he wrote, and that was one way he could tell how intensely he was writing. He'd take a break or come to the end of a section and realize he hadn't heard half the album, and that was how he knew he'd been lost to the muse.

Book marketing: I don't know why, but two of my books have been in the top 100 in five different categories this week. I mean, these are books that are two years and a year and a half old, for crying out loud. They've always been my best sellers, but had settled down in sales for a while. I just kind of expect that with backlists, you know? So that's why I have no idea why they've taken off this weekend, but boy am I grateful. They're both full length novels priced at 99 cents, and I'm toying with the idea of raising the prices, even though that will most likely mean a rankings drop. Eventually, I'm going to make the first book totally free, since the third and final book should be out this fall. I tend to not experiment with pricing too much, and would love any insight people have into the matter.

Well, that is my epic update. I hope everyone had a great weekend, and here's to an even better week to come!


  1. Most of the time, I can't listen to music with lyrics while I write. The lyrics creep into my prose! I also find myself singing instead of writing. River Whyless has a nice sound, though.

    Writing music is critical. I used to play music in my Reading classroom whenever possible. The students were happier, more relaxed, and their productivity increased.

    Good luck on your writing this week, and play on!