Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Check-In

Happy July 4th, everyone, for those of us who celebrate the holiday.
Just wanted to do a quick check-in. I have a words count of:
Tuesday: @1200 words, although this was on a WIP that's not part of my goals. It was still fun to write!
Today: 685 so far, and hopefully more later on. I have  a deadline for a story fast approaching, and I've got to whip out a chapter in a couple of days. It's going well so far, although I suspect it will need some editing when done. Maybe even lots of it, but the words are flowing like water (albeit rough water), and that's always a good thing.
Grilled out today, and now we're going to shoot off some fireworks. Today was also the day we discovered the new puppies hate fireworks. They've been barking up a storm. But other than that, a pretty good day. Hope everyone had a good day too, and I'm looking forward to our check-in on Sunday. Hopefully I'll have a lot more progress to report.

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