Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Like Pulling Teeth

I think I'll skip the illustration for this week, because it really has been like pulling teeth. It's a mystery to me why sometimes the words flow like water, and sometimes it's like working in a rock quarry.
Oh well. For this update I have 2,858 words to report towards my weekly goal of 4,000. I can't even claim those as polished words- nope, they're still in draft form. Usually when I go back over the draft my word count grows rather than shrinks, but with the way this week has been going who knows?
Still reading Parallel- I can't find the time to read as I would like this week. And also, I've had to find time to do some editing and take over the majority of household chores because my husband's working odd music biz hours. So all in all, a stressful week so far.
Also, a final appeal: for those of you who have days or even a string of them where writing feels really hard, what do you do to get over it? Advice and encouragement welcome!


  1. Suck it up and go. That is my only advice. I'm sooooo there right now with Aeris, because I decided to rewrite an entire character's story for this book. Oy. I find myself avoiding the work like the plague.
    So I just tough talk myself. "You wanna be a writer? You wanna call yourself legit? THEN WORK, WOMAN!" Like a boxing coach for the mind. :)

  2. I don't write.

    Like today. I have a really awesome idea--or at least it WAS an awesome idea for the past two weeks when I've been worldbuilding every spare moment and dreaming about my world and feeling generally bubbly excited about this freaking cool new series I'm going to write...

    And now, I'm two chapters in and I...

    Well, I didn't write today. And I spent most of the day feeling bad about it, but now I'm just going to not think about it and try to salvage the rest of the day and do something fun. Because hopefully the excitement will come back, and hopefully it will end up being a really cool book.

    And if not, I'm sure I'll get another really exciting idea soon.

    But I really liked that one, and I don't know why it's not fun right now. *sticks out lower lip and pouts*

    How's commiseration instead of advice? That's apparently all I got right now. :)

  3. I. Am. So. There!!!!
    I pushed through and It Sucketh Mightily. Now I'm convinced I'm going to have to rewrite 4/5ths of it. Maybe a break would have been better, ladies. Sigh.

  4. I either go watch a bunch of crap TV or I only write the dialogue and go back and fill in everything else later. I'm on a Drop Dead Diva spree right now, so that should tell you where I'm at. :) Everyone gets burned out - it's okay to take a break!

  5. I treat it like when I don't want to work out: I have to do at least 5 minutes. If I'm still not feeling it, then I'm allowed to stop. It's all a matter of tricking myself.

    And like working out, I'm not always successful. That's when chocolate or beer usually enter the picture...

  6. I'll take a day off and not write to recharge. But not two days, that's just goofing off!

  7. It's a full moon. Have consumed chocolate. Now believe up to 2/3 is salvageable, with rewrites.

    That must have been some magic chocolate.

    Music so loud it annoys the neighbors is helping too. Thanks ya'll!