Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update: The Hot Tub Must Wait

You know, I really don't want to write this post.
Wednesdays are hell.
Meetings, writing, editing, editing, graphic design, more meetings, a newsletter, a tweet bank, and a sneaky Sexy New Idea. And that's just my writing life. Somewhere in there, I do have an actual life.
My spouse is, in fact, waiting beside the hot tub for me to finish this post.
So what the hell am I doing here???
I believe in ROW80. (This is the point where my daughter would roll her eyes.) I need the accountability and the fellowship. I need to be able to set goals and know I'm on track, or not, as the case may be. That means being accountable when I could be doing something else.
(Stares longingly at hot tub.)
Ok, so to get down to it:
1. Word count: I wrote 2, 950 words on Monday and edited them into 3,100 useable words today! This was on my newest installment of Daughter of Glass, so it's good to have that done. DoG goes up every Friday, so I have been hoping to get that out of the way early in the week and spend the rest writing on the third Chronicles of Nowhere book. Ideally, I'll get another 4,000 words, or two chapters, out by then, but if it works out to be one chapter of CoN3, oh well. That's good, esp. considering:
2. Editing: I'm working on my own stuff and books for others, all at the same time. I must finish the edits on CoN2, which is (blessed be!) completely finished and beta'd up. It's even been through the editor's wringer because one cannot edit oneself. Unless one is very brave or kinda broke, like I was when I wrote my first book. :) But I have to sit down and finish a very long book for someone else, and that has to happen this week. Also have to edit a shorter piece tomorrow morning. Such is life in the shadow of Mt. Editing.
3. Blogging: Yes! I'm doing it! I have one more to get in between now and Sunday to make goal. I have not blog hopped to my peeps, though. I *have* read blogs, but I skipped merrily on by without commenting, which sucked of me. I will make it up somehow! By spreading the comment luv forevermore? Yeah, something like that. Sorry, everyone!
4. Tomorrow starts my official Free Par-Tay with the IBC, where both my Angel's Edge books will be totally free on Amazon!!! This will last for three whole days, so if you've never read my books and are curious, snag yourself a copy or four. There are a whole bunch of free books with Free ParTay, which you can read all about tomorrow right here on my blog. For now, I'll just say free is good! The best, in fact. I would dare say better than hot tubs, because free books last longer than a dip under the stars. (Yes, hon, I'm coming, I swear.) For now, I'll just leave you with the badges I designed for the event, and also Bestseller for a Day (more free books), which has to do with that graphic design work I mentioned earlier.
Um, have I been accountable enough yet? Yes? No?
Oh well, I'm goin' hottubbin' anyway.
Have a great rest of the week!!!! -V

I made this!

And this!


  1. You're doing a fantastic job! And you're so busy! Now get in that hot tub. (Actually, I commented the next day, so I HOPE you got in the hot tub, LOL.)

  2. Another interesting post! This is one of the few blogs I can return to on a regular basis.

  3. Hey Lauralynn! I did get in, thanks, and I'm glad my blog is one you can comment on!
    @Seattle- Thanks! That's the nicest thing I've heard all day.

  4. I'm soooo jealous —both of the hot tub and the writing! I ache to be more productive, but there's a 5 mth old whose schedule is just KILLING my writing time with fatigue. *sigh*

    Good on you, though. I can't wait to read the Chronicles of Nowhere.

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