Monday, February 13, 2012

Breaking Internet Silence

I realized I haven't posted to my blog in about 80 bazillion years.  The whole "break from the internet" thing is going well in a sense- lots of cobwebs cleared (or clearing), some of that "to do" stuff knocked out, and just some general restructuring underway. All of this is good, but then I realized I missed my blog. I caught myself doing internet drive-by's and berating myself over lack of fresh, exciting content.
Well, I can't promise fresh, exciting content right now because I'm feeling more contemplative than exciting, and I wouldn't want to unload all my cobwebby creativity on anyone right now. But I do deplore the lack of content. And so, I interrupt my internet silence to bring you a few of the things on my bookshelf. I've either just read them, or are about to. ("Just" being a relative term meaning anytime in the past two weeks.)

This book was billed as "YA Romance," but since the main character is 21, and the male lead in his 30s, I would seriously reconsider the labeling. It was, however, some really good historical sweet romance, which is usually completely out of my wheelhouse, people. However, I liked this little volume quite a lot. Taking place right at the end of the Civil War, it is the love story between a Confederate soldier and the young woman who helps shelter and care for him.

I loved loved this short novel by Cyn Balog. I loved reading about a heroine who wasn't a size six, and who managed to pull off both a decent relationship AND a healthy dose of self-respect by the end of the novel. Plus I just have this thing for books set in bakeries. I don't know why. And now I want a fresh jelly doughnut. Drat you, Cyn Balog!

The new Beth Revis was a pleasant surprise- normally I am not a fan of the middle books of trilogies, but I think this one may actually outdo its predecessor. The sci fi setting was a nice switch, and entirely believable. It ended on something of a cliffhanger, yet managed to tie up most loose ends before doing so. Plus I just love the cover. This is one of my favorite covers of the year so far.

I have not actually had the pleasure of finishing this yet, but I've heard enough rave reviews that I can't wait to get there. Plus who doesn't love Maggie Stiefvater? (If you don't, just forget I asked, 'kay?)


  1. Forgetting, forgetting... forgetting "Shiver" ever existed. :)

    BTW- Have you read Enchanted? It was one of the books listed during your free book giveaway website even at the beginning of February. By Charlotte Abel. It's really good so far!

  2. I have Enchantment in my dangerously high TBR pile- I can't wait to start it and I was really glad to get to know Charlotte during the event. Wren Emerson's I Wish was free at that time too, although not a part of the same event, and it's supposed to be excellent. Right now I'm reading Susan Ee's Angelfall, which is so seriously good, Kate. It's only 99 cents, too- may be the best thing I've read this year. Or the second best, nest to Brenna Yovanoff's The Space Between. I dunno- it's up there.