Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Update: Making Word Count

1. I made it! I finally met a whole week of word count goal! I'd been kind of waffling between last round's goal of 4k and my new count of 6k, and let me tell you, 6k was a bit brutal. I'm going to see if it get easier this upcoming week, because I'm not yet ready to face the possibility of adjusting that goal.
2. Posted all three blogs, including that hard-to-do Friday post. (Pretty purple new releases, anyone?) Could do a better job checking in with ROW80 peeps this week. I also did a minor blog redesign and expanded the "About" section to include common Q&As, and made sure I put up an explanation of why Blood Redemption isn't out yet and when people can expect it.
3. Getting ready for the IBC's Free Par-Tay, where you can rack up a bunch of free books including mine, we're also having a special Bestseller for a Day where all books are free!
4. The second installment of my serial went live this Friday! It's still crazy, thinking about having a serial of my own, but I'm working hard to keep up with demand. Maybe that's why word count was so tricky this week! It's not only word count, it's keeping more than one work balanced in my head.
5. I got to this weird point where I was totally incapable of reading this week. It was weird, because I'm halfway through Chelsea Fine's Anew, which I love so far, but something just happened where I couldn't look at my Kindle for one more second. I think it may have something to do with fiction overload. I have about three story lines going on in my head at the moment, and I think I just got overloaded. Instead, I started watching NBC's Grimm, a show I decided I love. I haven't gotten to watch it because it comes on the same time as Fringe, so thank god for on demand. It was kind of fun- I don't watch a lot of TV, so it was a nice break, and its a really creative take on The Brothers Grimm mythology.
Hope everyone's having a great week meeting their goals!


  1. Congrats, Vicki! 6K is a bit brutal, so that's a big accomplishment. Good luck for the rest of the week. And I love Grimm, too. :)

  2. Great job on the word count, Vicki, 6k is fantastic! I know what you mean about suddenly being unable to digest fiction and I think you are right about the reason. Sometimes there are so many words floating in our heads already that there is no room for anything else. Thus, the reason TV works well at times. Words vs. Visuals.

    Have a great coming week :)

  3. 6,000 is a big goal. Thrilled that you met it! Wow. I can't read more than one fiction book at a time myself. I can, however, write one fiction, read one fiction, and watch fiction. Grimm was probably just the break you needed. I have enjoyed that show as well, although it falls behind Castle and Hart of Dixie on my playlist.

    Have another great ROW80 week! You are kickin' it.