Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Update and Cover Peek

Just a quick check-in with Row80 stuff. I've had an insanely busy week so far. My newest series launches on JAN. 14th! Sorry, I know all caps are rude, but I'm that excited and nervous. I finally have a cover to reveal, and I spent a good part of the week writing the acknowledgements, putting on finishing touches, and communicating with the publisher. It's been totally insane. I'm doing an "official" cover reveal at a later date, but here's a sneak peek at what my baby will look like, and I have to say, I'm in puppy love with this cover:
 (Wipes eyes) It's always so surreal to see things coming together. I keep saying it, but I really think this is the best thing I've ever written. I've certainly poured the most of "myself" into it. What's really cool is that I already have the next book finished. It's in edits now. 

Interested in an eArc? They are now officially available from the publisher, and I have some I can give out in almost every format out there. If you're interested in a copy drop me a line at or leave me a comment. 

As far as ROW80 goes, it's been a mix of success and failure. Fails include:
1. Twitter: I have banked no tweets at all, and have barely communicated about anything since mid-week. Oh well. What can you do but try harder next time?
2. Posting: I missed Wednesday's post, and got swamped under on Friday, so I've missed my blogging mark this week.
3. Didn't really use many "formal" planning materials this week, but I did do my quick outlines and organizational bullets before I started each scene. Maybe this is more of a mixed fail than a total one. 
4. I've only responded to about half the blogs I wanted to this week, but there's still time! :)

What I did right:
1. A word count of 4,326. This is shy of my 6,000 word goal but it's over last round's average of 4,000, so I'm counting this as progress. I also did writing in areas other than fiction and did not count the words I wracked up editing, so maybe I'm closer to 6,000 than I'm figuring, but I'll stick with my 4,326 and be happy.
2. Reading: Apparently, this is something I have to do to stay sane. I read the absolutely sublime The Space Between by Brenna Yovanoff and cannot recommend it enough. Her writing is highly stylized, so it's not for everyone, but if you like Franny Billingsley's Chime or Brenna's last offering, The Replacement, then you'll like this. 
3. I'm certainly doing my duty by the IBC. I coordinated their massive event Bestseller for a Day, and wrote a guest blog for Monday. I'll also be appearing on their blog talk radio show, so please tune in and/or send some good wishes my way so I don't blather like an idiot!
4. Editing. Good lord. I'm building a permanent camp at the top of Mt. Editing this week so I can be more comfortable, I swear. 

I think that's everything. Don't forget eArcs if you're interested, and please God send me good vibrations on Tuesday, when I make a radio appearance. I get soooo nervous about such things. Thanks for everyone's support during this whole crazy book process!


  1. What a beautiful cover, Vicki! Very eye catching.

  2. Love the cover! I'm so excited for you! Much luck on the radio on Tuesday and we'll talk...week after next? :)

  3. Never been here before but I'm glad I stopped by. I would love an eARC! How exciting!

  4. Pretty, pretty cover! Congrats!
    And it seems you're doing wonderfully with your goals! Good for you ;)
    Have a great week!

  5. Congratulations! I really do like that cover. I'm a big fan of not having characters on covers and that is very intriguing! I would love to read an eARC.

    Is your third book in the other series finished yet? I need some closure! ;-)

  6. That cover is nice! Good luck with the release!! Take care of yourself during this busy time. :)

  7. What wonderful news about your release! (I'm surprised the whole post wasn't in caps out of sheer excitement.) Definitely a respectable word count, and I love your line about Mt. Editing. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm in more of an editing pit.

    Best wishes with your book and ROW80! Cheering you on.

  8. Thanks, everybody, for being so supportive!
    Darcy and Julia, I'll be in touch! Thanks!