Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Midweek Update: Surviving the Radio Show

I survived the radio show!
Betcha didn't know how terrified I was beforehand. That's why I didn't tell many people about it. I actually thought about cancelling due to severe anxiety attack, but it all worked out in the end.
One of the questions? "How do you deal with fame as an author?"
I did my best to answer that, but I'm still not sure they weren't joking. Me? Bwahahaha.
Thanks to everyone who called in or listened to support me. I can't thank you enough, although before hand I would have begged you not to be present at my imminent humiliation.
Ok, enough of that. It's Wednesday, the ROW80 midweek update, and I have some accountability to report:
1. Word count: somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500. I wound up finishing a short story for anthology I got invited to do this spring, and that knocks out one of my WIP goals too! Now if I can just make that much progress on everything else...
2. Books: I read Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I liked it- not the bestest, but good. Thinking of picking up The Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater next.
3. Responses to fellow ROW80ers: I still have four out of five of these to do. Bad me! But the week's not over, so there's time.
4. I have a mountain of editing still to do. I may have to sacrifice an entire writing day to catch up on this, which will make me very cranky. On the upside, I have managed to write something everyday this week.
5. I'll combine these, because they pretty much all have to do with the IBC, but I did my duty by Twitter, and my guest post is still up. It's about my 1 yr Indieversary, which you can read about here:
6. Really excited about the book coming out. I've given out several several eARCS and can't wait to see what people think!!! Excitement abounds at the Keire household.
I think that's it, but I also feel like I'm forgetting something. Tune in Friday when I start my new post themed "Tales From Small Town Bohemia," where I explore how to survive with your creative spirit intact in a small, conservative Southern town. (Hint: it involves flowy skirts and graveyards, among other things). Also, my family is a bigger part of this one, because hey, all us creative spirits flock together and reproduce in order to better program the future...
You know what? Never mind where I was going with that. I'll just see you on Friday, if you feel like stopping by. Until then, best wishes and good books! -V


  1. What a busy week! You were great on the radio. I'll be blogging and tweeting on Saturday about your new book!

  2. Glad your radio show went well. Sounds like you're working hard. Good luck in the coming week!

  3. Wow! You're famous! Very cool, and good luck for the rest of the week. :)