Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Halfway There Update

It's shaping up to be a good week so far:
1. Word count stands right at 3000, which is half my goal for the week. Since this is midweek, there is hope I will make it!
2. Good reviews on my new novella, Worlds Burn Through:
is a good example. I <3 The Page Turner!
3. Rolling along with the IBC, I'm getting ready to be a part of a really fun event slated for the beginning of February called Free Par-Tay where you get lots of books. For free. Free is fun, right? Details forthcoming!
4. Managed to do all my blog updates so far. Now I just have to get the Friday one in, and I'll be disco.
5. Checkin' in with half the ROW80 peeps I'm aiming to so far.
6. Reading- ok, yes, I should do something besides read, probably, but I can't help it. I don't watch tv, rarely go to the movies, and generally spend all my time writing or editing, so reading is my vice, ok? Worse than ice cream. This week, I read Hush Hush for the first time. What took me so long? I loved loved loved it. Working on Crescendo now.
Lots of edits ahead of me still, a meeting, and a delicious strawberry crunch cake for working through the night (It's almost 6 pm here.) Plus the always fabulous Alabama Shakes are playing KCRW live. It's been, as Hemingway would say, a damn fine day. Hope all is well with the ROW! 'Til Sunday, -V


  1. What a great week! I'm at the 3k point this week too, I'm shooting for another 5-7 by Sunday :) Reading is never a bad vice too have...too bad more can't say the same!

  2. You've had a fabulous week! You deserve every bite of that strawberry crunch cake.

  3. Thanks! Hope your week went well too, Claudia and Suzanne!