Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Update: Writing to The Christmas Mixes

Update time! I've had a good week as far as word count goes, hitting over 4,000 this week. I have numerous Twitter sprints to thank for this. If any of you ROW80 peeps ever want to sprint and you're around at about 9 am Central, or sometimes in the afternoons, give me a holla. I can't tell you the difference these 1k/1hr sprints have done for my word count.

I've made really good progress with the second Chronicles book, Shadowed Ground, and written another installment of the serialized Daughter of Glass. Saw the cover for the first part of Daughter of Glass and was totally blown away. The story deals with emotions so strong they manifest as actual beings, and so CQ had the idea of doing a different illustration for each emotional avatar. The one for Anger is really cool- lots of red and metal. I love the artist and hope I get to keep her for the other covers.

Other things in the writing world: I was on the radio this week, courtesy of the IBC's weekly radio show. Amber Scott and Rachel Thompson played hosts, while Kelli McCracken, Gayle Ann Williams and I fielded questions about everything from trends in publishing to our favorite writing music. It turns out Kelli McCracken also plays the same song on a loop when she's really into a scene! I thought I was alone!

Lots and lots of editing. I love doing this, because I'm getting to meet some neat new authors and read books outside my normal genre. This has had such an impact on me, in fact, that I'm trolling outside my usual YA horizon for SF thrillers and more adult-ish PNR. So yeah, it's a good, if demanding, role.

This brings me to my last item: The Christmas Mixes. I have three prior playlists under the umbrella title, "Christmas Music That Doesn't Suck" if anyone is looking for such a thing this holiday season. I know I usually hate Chrsitmas music, and that's why I take pains to assemble playlists thtat don't choke us with reindeer and the word "jolly." I've really enjoyed writing to them, so if you're looking for seasonal music to write to, feel free to take a peek. I hope everyone's having a great week, and will have an even better one coming up as we head into the end of ROW80, Round 4! (Can you believe it? That's a whole year of ROW80 for me!)


  1. omg, that old record player brings back SUCH memories of when I was a kid. Where do I find your playlists? Congrats on the WC!

  2. I had one just like it- to this day I love all things Fisher Price.
    You can acess my playlists by going back over the last three blog posts, indexed over in the right sidebar. You can download or stream.
    And thanks @ the wc! Maybe we can Twitter sprint sometime!

  3. Oh, you are better than me. I've been focused more on Christmas than writing, to my word count detriment. :)

    Find a cover artist you love is tough, but essential. I'm so fortunate to have my AMAZING sister do all of mine. She also designed my blog background and title.

    Good luck with your Twitter sprints!

  4. Oh wow, your sister is really talented! Six Keys and Compis both have covers I love!

  5. Wow... a whole year of ROW80. Hope you'll be joining us in 2012, too. I'm on my second round and loving it.

    Sounds like a great week for you, and I absolutely love your blog's design. Your cover sounds amazing, too.