Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's Thanksgiving here in the States, and besides family, food, and the requisite post-turkey nap, gratitude is on many people's minds. As the reason for the holiday, it's certainly is on mine. It's a busy day today, as I suspect it is for many of us, and so I thought I'd do a kind of writerly gratitude list/ combo ROW80 thing for my (late) update today:
1. word count: wrote a 2000+ word chapter this week.
2. turned in a massive edit
3. started reading another great book in preparation for editing; it's a ghost story, and I love reading those around the holidays. Dickensian tradition, I suppose.
4. won a free copy of Scott Nicholson's new book, Creative Spirit, which I look forward to reading and reviewing
5. got a chance to see some of the proofs for the cover of the new serial, Daughter of Glass
6. made progress on Daughter of Glass
7. brainstormed the Chronicles of Nowhere cover
8. got word that Chronicles will be published sooner than I expected
9. planning the Blood Redemption book tour
10. Gearing up for Bestseller for a Day on Nov. 30, when one of my current releases will be a "drafting title" available for 99 cents, and free if you want a PayPal rebate!

Non-writerly gratitude list:
1. All the amazing TV that's out this year. Seriously, TV land- if I let you, you could kill all my free time with your recent awesomeness, including but not limited to: Doctor Who, Fringe, The Walking Dead, Terra Nova, American Horror Story. And those are just the ones I've discovered recently.
Look, Mom! Homemade!
2. My growing Sims addiction, which has crept onto FaceBeast recently. Come play the SimsSocial with me! Join us... you won't get addicted... you can quit anytime...
3. That I'm NOT going Black Friday shopping. I will be asleep in my soft warm bed, and then I'll get up and drink coffee. In other words, no lines! Yay!
4. A huge homemade meal I actually helped cook
5. Pumpkin pie
6. Pecan pie
7. Pie-flavored pie
8. Pie with ice cream
9. My new puppy!
10. Editing- where else can you get remunerated for reading books? My life-long dream of being a professional reader is that much closer to coming true. Plus it validates years of grad school.
11. The Iron Bowl: Auburn v. Alabama. (You. Are. So. Dead. You know who you are.)
12. All that gooey stuff (no, not pie- covered that under numbers 4-8). You know, family, friends, having things I take for granted like health and home and love 'n stuff. Yeah, that kinda gooey.

On that note, I think that's it. Clearly, a lot to keep me busy and a lot to be grateful for. Not the least of which is the supportive writer's group I've found in ROW80. Having this kind of support really is a gift. It's always surprising to me how many writers work without a group; I feel fortunate to not only have one, but to have found a core group of talented betas, mentors, and friends.
Happy Turkey Day! I'm off for my tryptophan-induced nap.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! You DO have a lot to be grateful for!!

  2. Mmmm . . pie-flavored pie. I think I'll go have some of that right now. :D

    Thank you for the gratitude lists, they were inspirational and uplifting. :)

  3. You do proof editing, yes? What is your schedule, i.e. how many months out do you accept books? I may be looking for a new proof editor in the near future (probably after Aeris).

    Also, I see that you're a pie addict like I am a cake addict. :)

  4. Cake is good too! :)
    I have a pretty open schedule for proofing, since it's less comprehensive than a full develomental edit (which means it costs less!) Email me @ vickikeire (at) gmail (dot) come if you want specs. But basically, unless it's Editing Apocalypse Day (it's not), I'll always make time for a friend. :)