Monday, November 28, 2011

The Christmas Mixes, Vol. I

When the holidays roll around, I turn into a twinkling, fairy-light, sugar-plum of joy.
Well, not literally.
But I really love Christmas.
However: I generally think the music sucks. So do the crowds and the over-commercialization. Notice I added "over-" because some commercialization is just fun. I like presents! I've been good! But it's easy to go overboard and find myself exhausted and grumpy, or obsessive about getting it right, like Christmas is some test I have to pass. I think it tends to go a little better with Christmas Music That Doesn't Suck. To me, Christmas music that compulsorily mentions reindeer or Santa or crap stuff like that every time just isn't in the spirit. So I try to take a broader view, passed down to me from a friend (right, Fezziwig?) and cull for the themes behind the season. Many of the songs say nothing about Rudolph and elves. I like it better that way, and so do most of my friends. I hope you do too! And so I am pleased to bring you the first of my annual Christmas Mixes, of which there will be many, along with more holiday cheer for the lazy/ busy person. You can stream through the player to listen just by clicking on it.

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