Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Um, What? Progress? Look! Pretty Pictures!

Progress? Already? As in, I'm supposed to be making some?
Bwa ha ha ha ha.
I am. Making some, I mean. Progress, that is. Spurred on by "I want" and "When when when" and even (huge gasp) TEAM ASHEROTH emails, Book 3 is being born.
Team Asheroth? Seriously?
Um, ok. Back to progress. Which I'm making. 1500 words 4 times a week. Except for now, because I'm writing this check in and not my Beautiful Baby Book 3 (BBB3). So I'm going to get back to it- I am in the midst of  one of those aforementioned 1500 word sprints. I realized it was check in and stopped, which Asheroth did not like at all. (Although he *loves* having a team.) So I only have to make three more days between now and Sunday to meet goal. Along with those other two things I'm supposed to be doing. Which I'll go look up as soon as I'm done with Asheroth.
Or rather, he's done with me.
And now, because I feel like a slacker of a check-er-in-er, and also because I'm very visually oriented, here are some images that have inspired some of the events in Book 3: (also, just 'cause they're pretty):
Thanks! Have a great rest of the week! Soon we shall all be absolute dervishes of productivity! Or something like that. -V