Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday Update: Masquerade is Here! (almost)

Lots of crazy ups and down this week as far as writing goes. Some progress, lots of frenetic activity because the Masquerade Tour starts tomorrow (eek), and some realizations.

1. The writing? Two days of meeting my goal of 1500 words per writing day, and two days of editing. But since I set a goal of at least three days of writing, even with the editing, I fell short of goal once again. We're two weeks in, and if this trend continues, then it's time to reevaluate this round's word count goals. I hope that won't be necessary, but that's the beauty of ROW80- flexibility. My reading goal is to finish the new V.J. Chambers, Toil and Trouble, about which I'm very excited. Hopefully I'll have a little more time towards the end of the week, after....

2. The Masquerade tour starts tomorrow, which has been keeping me really busy. And really nervous- blog tours, eek! The whole week-long tour is set up like a virtual costume party. I pretend to be one of twelve other authors on the tour, and one of them will pretend to be me. So on the 18th, one of the other authors will be here, pretending to be me. (I'll be doing the same for another author, but I'm not telling who.) Of course, he/she will drop subtle hints in the post, and everyone who guesses the real author behind the post gets to enter to win a Kindle. Even if you don't guess correctly, every commenter gets free ebooks and is entered to win my gift basket. Check out the "Masquerade" nav bar above for deets. So, yeah. It's been a lot of fun, but also just ... a lot.

3. Without getting overly dramatic (who, me?), I made some resolutions about my writing and the direction I'm going to take it. I know I'm not the only one in the Indie world feeling vaguely adrift these days. I didn't really get it before when previously published writers harped on how amazing it felt to be in control of one's work, career decisions, etc. Having never languished in publishing limbo, it seemed like a Cadillac problem: surely a little annoyance, a little difficulty, and some waiting was worth having a legitimate press's stamp on my book, right? And despite having sold over 10,000 books with little help, part of me craved that. But you know what? Creative limbo can be a soul-sucking place. This is not an anti-anything rant. Publishing takes time; I get that. But unless I've actually signed my name on a dotted line, I'm not bound by anything to anyone. I'm free (as is any writer) to self-publish, to shop my ms around, to wait, to do whatever. If I want to write my new novel in crayon and fold each sheet into paper airplanes and launch them from the top of Haley Center, then by God, I can. (Do not try this as home. It is fun, but has extremely limited distribution range.) That freedom- the idea of it- is worth a lot.

So basically, I'm sick of waiting. Look out world: previously hoarded but awesome manuscript is on the way, and although I'm not sure exactly how I'll decide to present it, it won't be via paper airplane. Ok, off the soap box. Wherever you stand in your writing endeavors, hope everyone has a good week. And pop in on Tuesday to win free books and fabulous prizes! 


  1. Best wishes with the Masquerade tour! Exciting time for you!

  2. Thanks, Julie! Hope you come get some free books!

  3. Good luck on the Masquerade tour, and with keeping up with everything else! And I don't think I've told you I love the new look of your blog.

  4. Blue is so much easier on the eyes!