Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Busy Brief Update

October's gotten really packed already, to the point that I'm just trying to hang on to the goals and commitments I've already made and ride it out. How does that always happen, and so darned fast?
This week: only two writing days and one editing day out of four total. (Ok, ok, that's a fail.) (But I swear I will find my groove.)
Other goals: Reading-  check. The business of books- so very check. Lots going on there. An upcoming tour; impending release; new project and another tour immediately following. There's the Masquerade tour with eleven other authors that has me so excited I just don't even know. And I get to design a gift basket! Squee!
So that's this week- mostly a resolution to balance things better. Although I have doubts. When I get close to a release, I always wind up switching days for nights as I slip into vampire hours. But I suppose the month of Halloween is a good one to slip into vampire hours, if I must.


  1. Despite not making all your goals, it looks like you're getting a lot done. Hope this next week is even more productive!

  2. Wheeeeeeee! We'll sleep in January. :)Keep your head above the water, my friend!

  3. OK, let's try that again. (I don't like it when I try to use my WP ID and I'm not signed it. My comments simply a vampire in the sunlight. (tee hee)

    Anyhoo, as I was saying...

    A Masquerade Tour sounds like fun. Enjoy!

    The great things about ROW is the freedom to alter our goals if needed. I'm sure you'll find your groove in all areas.

    Have a wonderfully productive week.