Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Tour de Force: Masquerade is Here!

It's Finally Here! A Week of Fabulous Authors in Disguise:

And a whole week to load up your ereader with FREE COPIES of each book pictured above! Don't have an e-reader? Not to worry! This your chance to WIN A KINDLE. (Plus there are all kinds of ways to experience ebooks: on your phone, pc, laptop, psychic messages... ok, not that last one. Pity, really.)

Make sure to stop by our other authors as the week rolls on:
  • Augusto Pinaud--"The Writer"
  • Rachel Thompson--"The Evil Within" horror anthology
  • Maxwell Cynn--"The Collective"
  • Belinda Boring--"Cherished"
  • Jackie Chanel--"Change of Heart"
  • M. Todd Gallowglas--"First Chosen"
  • Elena Gray--"Widowmaker"
  • Amber Scott--"Soul Search"
  • Jeremy Rodden--"Toonopolis"
  • Lacey Weatherford--"The Demon Kiss"
  • Ann Charles--"Dance of the Winnebagos"

So remember, party people: The long-awaited and highly anticipated Blog Tour de Force starts today!


  1. Hi, Vicki, I'm hopping over from Karen's Slowest Bookworm site. Have to tell you the draw for me was our mutual growing up in the South. My gran's "old house" was the place I grew up with the coal stove, scary "booger hole" cave in the wall and hidden staircase...I love your bio.! Looking forward to reading all of your books. Please stop by my blog if you get a chance. I'm a reading/reviewing freak! LOL
    Good luck with everything. Also, doesn't everyone in the South have that psychic connection?

  2. Hey Deborah! Oooh, I'm jealous of your hidden staircase! That's the first time I've heard about one of those. And yes, I think everyone in the South is a little bit haunted, or psychic, or both! I'll definitely check out your site- it sounds like we have a lot in common, esp. books!

  3. Oh, is that like robots in disguise?

    I'm fascinated by Deborah's grandmother's house, too!

  4. I am enjoying the blog tour! This is a great fun idea! Thanks for the books as well!

  5. I'm loving this blog.