Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Big Reveal!

I can't believe how many times I've said this over the past few days, but it's true today more than ever so here I go again: Thank you for making the Blog Tour de Force's Masquerade tour such a huge success! I've lost count of how many bestsellers lists BOTH books have hit this week, and that's all thanks to you! Here's just a glimpse of what I mean:

Both books, Gifts and Darkness, are #5 and #6 in The Smashwords Top 100!!!!

Gifts of the Blood is #1 in  Paranormal  Romance, #3 in Overall Fiction, and #2 Overall YA/Teen.

The second book, Darkness in the Blood, is #1 in Fantasy: Romance!

None of this would be possible with out YOU. As a tiny way to say thank you, feel free to grab the specially designed book mark on display above. Check the "Masquerade" tab on the nav bar for a full sized version. If you have not, for whatever reason, gotten your codes or you've had trouble claiming them, please get in touch with me at vickikeire (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know. Please put "Masquerade" in the subject line, and I'll get you sorted out asap!

And now, it gives me great delight to announce the winner of my grand prize package. Here's how I did it: I gathered all contact info (name, email, notes, etc.,) into an Excel spreadsheet, gathered from my website and from my review sites. I used that to make sure I sent everyone the right book codes and that I got the right info off to the IBC. I entered the total number of Excel entries into and matched the number it gave me to the corresponding contact info.
The winner is Elizabeth W.! I've already sent an email, so please get in touch with me asap so I can get your physical address. Yay! Clap! Stomp! And a thousand thank yous!

Please stay tuned to the main IBC Tour de Force site for the Kindle winner announcement. As soon as I know who it is, I'll announce too, of course. They also have all the mystery bloggers listed. Did you guess who masqueraded here? A lot of you did! In fact, I think we had the highest numbers of correct guesses. The fabulous Belinda Boring, also known as The Bookish Snob, graced us with her presence last week. She did such a great job. I swear I woke up with a book tour hangover the next day. And who could forget The Cabana Boys? As promised, here you go, Belinda! The first ever Cabana Boys Bloggoddess Award! Enjoy, Belinda, and thanks, readers and writers alike, for everything!


  1. How exciting for you! Congratulations! Admittedly, I just found you via the Facebook Indie Authors group, but you better believe I will be getting your books now. They sound fabulous.

  2. Thanks, Rachel! That's really sweet. The Indie Authors group has some great folks in it- if I remember correctly, V.J. Chambers got us organized. If you want, email me at vickikeire (at) gmail (dot) com for some book codes, just put Masquerade in the subject line!

    Claudia, love your new cover!