Friday, October 14, 2011

Amazingly Prolific Indie Writers

So I'll be having my 1 year Indieversary in a few months, and naturally, that's led to some pondering. One thing I've been considering is how success can look so different to so many different writers in this new literary landscape. Some count it in individual sales; some in royalty checks. There's also sheer volume of works produced, or having a hardcore fan base, no matter how small, or the prestige of being picked up by an agent or publisher or even just knowing you wrote, to borrow Hemingway's highest praise, a "damn fine" book.

I thought I'd share a list of damn fine (imo) writers who manage to produce books at a pace not possible before ebooks. They write like mad fiends. Although I'm not sure how they do it, or even if I'd be capable, one thing I do notice is that they don't spend a lot of time or money on self-promotion or platform building. It seems (from the outside looking in) that the emphasis is really on the actual writing. I love that. I long for it. I wish I could produce like these writers- sometimes as much as a book a month. Or more. And I happen to think they're all damn fine. (It's been a Hemingway kind of day. Storm. Tree. Don't ask.)

Oh, and I just noticed they all use their initials instead of first names. Maybe that's the secret. :)

B.V. Larson: 
I am a huge fan of his Seeker series because it's YA PNR. No surprise there. But he also writes acclaimed SF and has a lot of Fantasy fans, too, although I haven't really dug into his Haven series. Here's the parade (and I think he's got more out now):

V.J. Chambers: 
Possibly the first Indie I ever read, and certainly the first to make the light bulb go off. Now I know her as a friend and an amazing writer, even though I still go all fangirl on her sometimes, which has got to be annoying as all hell:
And oh mah stars, this post just got a hella lot shorter, because when I was uploading these books covers to make swank slides, I saw THIS:
What rock have I been living under that I missed her new release??? I have longed for this one since I heard the first pitch months ago- warring magical mobster families, and a magically transmitted virus, a complicated boy named Bryce, and a kick ass heroine named Olivia. Really, I was going to include at least one more writer (S.A. Naoeole, author of the Grace and Gossamer series), but I'm off to Amazon 1-click. Damn fine evening after all. Damn fine indeed.


  1. Further proof that writing under your initials is AWESOME! :P

  2. Great post! I will need to pick up both B.V. AND V.J.!!

    @V.J. - I wanted to use my initials as my writer name, but I don't think C.Y. would have worked.

  3. I also find it amazing how prolific some authors are! It's also amazing how quickly some authors are able to move from a draft to a published book. Personally, I'm a shelver. I write something, put it away, edit, put it away... then finish it. Moving fast freaks me out. :)

    I love that you got distracted by a new book from one of your examples. Fitting.