Monday, October 10, 2011

(Almost) Rainy Days and Mondays

It's a dreary Monday here, complete with almost-chilly weather and an annoying sort of half-drizzle that forces you to carry an umbrella that you probably won't have to use. I love this kind of weather. I think I was born to live in London. Or Seattle. Except I hear they have snow.
After my lukewarm, no progress, completely lazy weekend and subsequent fail of an update, I'm sitting here with a steaming Chai Latte trying to organize my week. I used to do this in list form. More and more it's taken on esoteric internet formations, like the blog and group Google calendars. Looking back over the update I scrawled last night, I must have been tired or discouraged or extremely lazy or all three. I also didn't read Kait Nolan's check-in post closely enough. Having a ROW80 accountability partner is a stellar idea. I am therefore writing this second update/organizing post in the hopes of finding a Twitter sprint partner of my very own. (That's # 4, if you want to skip down.)
1. Free reads: I'm putting up a "free fiction" section. Why haven't I done this before? I've got short stories and outtakes floating around out there anyway. Time to collect them all in one convenient central location for your reading pleasure.
2. Website: A static landing page for my site/blog. I've watched as several of my friends/ writing buddies have done this, and it seems to make their digital lives a little easier. I'm all about the easier these days.
3. I'm cooking! Easing back into it, actually. It's not about liking or disliking; it's just that I'm so out of practice. So I wind up staring blankly into cupboards at dinnertime, wondering what manner of magic I'm supposed to perform. That's when the siren call of take out is strongest. But! I'm taking baby steps. Right now that means following simple recipes to the letter, or using pre-packaged ingredients. (I just heard my foodie friends choke a little.) But that's ok. It's a process. Once I get used to the kitchen again, I can get back to baking and making my own stock. And anything beats takeout three or four nights a week. This weekend, I actually made pizza from scratch instead of ordering it! And the fam ate it. Crazy.
4. ROW80 accountability: I am looking for a ROW80 partner interested in doing Twitter Sprints- 1k/1h specifically. I'm the kind of person who works well with a schedule. I also have a family that needs me for things (see #3), so carving out some dedicated sprinting time would be ideal. In the short term future, MTThF are probably best. The after-school, before-dinner shuffle of 3:30-6 (US Central) is probably not so great. Plus I am not a perky morning person. Just not built that way. But! Flexibility is a wonderful thing, too. I don't want to be so ironclad that I refuse to do a sprint just because it's not noon on a Tuesday.
5. Masquerade tour: Coming to a blog near you mid-month! Twelve authors, six days, prizes prizes prizes, a chance to win a Kindle, and a free ebook from each Masquerade author for everyone who leaves a comment on his or her blog. Actually, this is drawing quite close, and I hope you all drop by my three sponsoring book review blogs:
Karen at The Slowest Bookworm
Bree at The Magic Attic
Stacey Mac at A Reader's Record
to say hello, give me your support on my first multi-author epic book tour, and win one (or more) of my books if you haven't read them already. Plus did I mention prizes?
6. Prizes! That's the other thing- I get to design a book-themed gift basket. Now I love gift baskets. I love them almost as much as I do cake walks. But usually I'm on the winning end. It's been interesting finding book-themed prizes. So far? Coffee stuff- that's easy. Mugs, hand roasted beans from the Bookstore of Wonders here in town, and of course a Starbucks card. Then there's jewelry. There are two necklaces in the book, so I'm meeting up with our resident bead lady to reproduce one of them as faithfully as possible. If I could, I'd give everyone their own Abigail the Cat. Instead I think I'm going to settle for an Abigail-hued scarf or throw blanket of appropriate softness. There's more, of course. Stay tuned while I construct a "Masquerade Tour" page on the nav bar up there.
Out of Chai Latte. Off to whisper sweet nothings to my Kuerig while it makes me more. May you all have fabulous Mondays, or something like!


  1. Hey, sometimes cooking for me is boxed macaroni or a bunch of frozen veggies and some soup stock thrown into the crock pot. We can't all be the Iron Chef.

    RYC: 96,000 may seem like a lot, but 94,000 of those words have been written since July, when I was supposed to have Aeris finished. That is why I whine. :)

  2. I am running perpetually behind. (Who isn't, in this write-or-die Indie speed write universe?) I always feel like I'm cheating on a manuscript, when I'm supposed to be finished (or nearly so) and on to the next one already. Guilt. Sucks. Macaroni and cheese is good for that. Without the veg. Extra butter.