Saturday, September 3, 2011

What Does Ethan Really Look Like? Plus "Carnivalesque" Blurb & Info

I got a really sweet email just a couple of days ago from a young lady who enjoyed my books. It was really nice of her, and it's the kind of email us writers love. But then she asked me something that threw me:
What does Ethan look like?
Can you compare him to an actor to give me an idea?
That's when it struck me that 1. I've never posted a picture of Ethan anywhere and 2. there's not a single actor out there who reminds me of him.
I didn't want to leave the young lady hanging, so I dusted off my designer's bag o' tricks and came up with a character badge. Once I had one for Ethan, he very suavely suggested that I remember the ladies, so Caspia got one too. Asheroth was clamoring for one, but he's going to have to simmer down because I just don't have him quite right yet and heaven forbid his badge be less than perfect. Feel free to grab 'em if you want 'em.

Also, if you haven't picked it up yet, I'm doing the Indie Book Blowout this Labor Day Weekend with some other very fine IBC authors, including the amazing Lauralynn Elliot and Cheri Schmidt. There's a lot of us actually- too many to name- and every book is .99 cents. Check it out here: Indie Book Blowout

Lastly, here's the blurb for my serialized SF/F saga that's going up this weekend: Carnivalesque.

Jessa's home world Verres was beautiful once. Famous for its Carnivale, gardens, and millenia of peace, it was also the sole source of verressence, a volatile mineral. When the powerful Sindyne Corporation demanded exclusive mining rights, they were denied. That was ten years ago, before the Day of Fire when Sindyne razed Jessa's planet, drove what remained of her people underground, and killed every member of the ruling family.

Except for one: Jessa. Now the beggar princess struggles to hold things together while a mad outcast leads Sindyne in endless attacks. The United Republic has long ignored pleas for help. When a small special-ops unit with terrifying skills arrives on Verres, Jessa and her advisers are wary. But in a world burned to ash, the dark violence they bring could be an asset.

Traitor. Murderer. Mad scientist. Thief. Recruited by a shadowy branch of Earth's government, these lost souls must claim Verres' power for their superiors or answer for their crimes. But the secret behind verressence is enough to change the universe as they know it. Soon they will have to choose: fight to build a new world, or return to their old one. Either way, both worlds change forever.
Carnivalesque is a bi-monthly series of novellas. I'm unsure how many it will take to finish the whole story. The original manuscripts total around 250,000 words. I do know that each issue will have a unique cover and that, at this point, I'm planning on putting up the whole series for free. Look for it towards the end of Labor Day weekend; as Indie fans know, uploads vary by retailer.


  1. Love the badges! Ethan is a hottie. :) Great blurb, can't want to read the series!

  2. The badges are great!! And I'm looking forward to Carnivalesque :)

  3. Gorgeous! I've got all sorts of images for my characters, but hadn't thought of making badges before...