Monday, September 12, 2011

ROW80: Crystal Ball Not Included

If someone had given me a crystal ball (that actually worked) back when I first started this Indie gig and pressed the fast forward button, I would not have recognized my life.
It's really, really busy. And fun. Messy, maddening- but mostly busy.

1. Word count? Hells yeah- 8,254 over the course of two days. And more to go- I have the document open and waiting as I write this post.
2. Editing? OMG. I scaled Mount Editing, and am halfway through the descent. In addition to my own work, I'm involved in super secret, the-world-is-holding-its-breath-for-it editing stuff. Soon I'll be able to tell you and not have to kill you. So there's that- as intense as it is rewarding.
3. Reading? I finally read Kait Nolan's Red. Yes, you're right, I don't have time to read. But I've been wanting to read it for weeks, and why the hell else am I doing this if not for the love of story? Why are any of us? So I read the fantastic Red, which you should all run out and do immediately. Now I must make time to write a worthy review.
4. I have a current project sort of in limbo while I discuss it with Persons Of Interest. Um. Yeah. Weird, huh? But it won't stay in limbo forever, whether Persons Of Interest remain Of Interest, or Interested, or not.
5. I'm going to be involved with the Indie Book Collective's October Masquerade blog tour. Twelve of us do this massive tour/contest thing from Oct. 17-22. And we get to give out prizes! Maybe a fabulous wooden treasure chest full of exotic, amazing, rare... Uh, did I mention I have this thing for contests? And cake walks. (It's like gambling, but for cake.)
6. The third and final book in my trilogy, Blood Redemption, is scheduled for release next month, right after the tour. So things are heating up on that front.
7. Dark Tomorrows, the dark SF/horror anthology I did with JL Bryan, Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Amanda Hocking, and many other fine writers shot into the Kindle Top 100 less than 24 hours after going free. Very cool, plus it was fun to do.
8. I hit a social media landmark- over 1,000 followers on both Twitter and Facebook. If that's not a sign I'm not in Kansas anymore I don't know what is. (yes, yes, a double negative. followed by a double positive. so it works out, 'k?) This is some crazy stuff, this social media milestone, and I feel the need to commemorate all my awesome Tweeps and FaceBeasties and yes, you, dear Bloggerlings. Plus any chance to party, right?

I'm leaving out the parts about committee meetings, graphic design work, website overhauls, and releases I'm participating in but really "belong" to the other writer because this list is already too long. My point is really this:
I would have looked in that crystal ball and given a nice, quiet life conjugating verbs on the blackboard another look. But I didn't, and here we are, and may your week be exactly as you ordered it.


  1. The first thing I can remember winning is a cake walk at back to school night in 5th or 6th grade. For sure like gambling, but with cake. I like both an awful lot. :)
    Phew, girl, you are SO busy! Good for you for the kick ass word count and editing. I'm in awe and clearly not working hard enough.
    I had a giggle about you reading Red. I'm beta reading the first book in V.J. Chambers new Toil and Trouble trilogy. Do I have the time to do it? No, but how the hell am I going to say no to reading a book I know is going to be awesome? (And it is, I'm about a third of the way through.)
    Get a good night's sleep and keep on truckin'!

  2. Oh for my time to read - not just the shelves and window cills full of unread books but now I have a Sony reader that is also stacking up - more time more time (clutching head in despair)

    Your life sounds busier than mine - needed a rest after reading about it!!!
    all the best for this week

  3. You certainly sound busy! I'm doing my best to slow you down as much as possible. :)

  4. Busy-busy indeed. Take a little time for yourself so you don't burn out! I just started Red and am loving so far.

    And, of course, good luck this week! :o)

  5. @Stacey- Gambling for cake is about the only kind allowed down here. And woo hoo, those church ladies get fierce with the cake stakes. Hey, that would make a good story...
    No! Away, sexy new idea! Go bother Jeff Bryan, or Claudia LaFeve, or Alberta or Cate or other ROW80ers! Away!

  6. Seriously, I can't wait to read V.J.'s new series- her early blurb sounded fascinating. Lucky! Man she writes fast.
    Claudia, you're Awesome-o 2000! Alberta, Cate, we've got to read, right? it's like chocolate.
    Jeff, the rock n' roll will not be slowed! Best just to go with, in my exp.

  7. Oooh, people are talking about me on the internets! Why didn't my google alerts tell me about this?

    Fast, whatev. 8200 words in two days. YOU'RE fast.

    I'm only fast when it's summer and I don't have to work. I guess it also helps not to have children. I hear they take up a lot of time. :)