Thursday, September 22, 2011

Round 3 and the Art of the Curve Ball

It's that time again: the end of one round of ROW80, and that point when I get to look back and see just how close I came to meeting my goals. I've been convinced I had fallen far short of them. As in, a complete and utter fail. But I have a tendency to focus on the big, flashy prize of a goal and forget about the other ones. When I look back at the original list, I really didn't do so badly. This round has been all about curve balls and staying flexible, because there was just no way I could have known what was in store when I signed on. But that's the beauty of the challenge- making room for change. 

I didn't hit my word count goals, but did I ever knock the editing out of the park. I had the chance to edit JL Bryan's first book of his new series, Songs of Magic, and proof the third Jenny Pox book. (So any typos or stuff like that are entirely my fault!!!) This was an amazing experience for me- being part of a project with one of my favorite writers, getting to bring an academic skill set into fiction- it was great. There was no way I could have known this was going to happen at the start of the round. So what did I do? Adjusted. As soon as it became apparent just how much this was going to affect my WIP, I wrote a post setting out new, delayed goals.

Definitely met the blogging and business end goals- if anything, I overshot those. As usual. I've got to find some way to reign in platforming time. I got promotional materials for my series out, including badges, a new website, and new covers for all my books. I love my covers! So, check to all that.

The big flashy WIP goal was to have the final book of my trilogy in the final edits stage, so that's a fail. (The goal adjustment came rather late in the round for it to be anything but a fail.)  I'm having to settle for Blood Redemption being in draft form instead. But I'm on track for a Halloween release. Some projects got tabled, mostly in the short fiction department (fail), but others took their place. I published in a new genre for the first time, in a horror anthology with some writers I admire (unforeseen success!). 

And now to the heart of the matter: New series, delays, the future. 
About a week and a half ago, after a five hour conversation with a very nice, incredibly patient man, I heard the words "publish" and "your work" in the same sentence. Like, more than once. Um, yeah. Crazy. So much so that it took five hours to compute (poor guy), and I'm still not sure I've wrapped my head around it. 
Small press. Cool people. Innovative. Willing to have five hour conversations with slack-jawed authors.
I don't have anything else to say at this point other than that, at least for now, I'm in a holding pattern with some planned releases. NOT Blood Redemption, Ok? That one will be released as planned, when planned, (although acts-of-god delays are possible!), so PLEASE don't send me angry emails! Although I don't know where things are going on this front, it's still a neat thing to happen, and it's definitely got me taking a good hard look at some things. 

Soooo- that's my ROW80 Round 3 tale. Mostly I think it's been about adjusting goals as needed, and about staying open to possibilities. I don't even want to think about Round 4- it's already stacking up on me, well into November! So I think I'm going to do something I've never done before. I'm going to take this little space between rounds and use to actually NOT measure and rate myself. In other words, come as close to resting as a working writing ever does. Thanks for hanging in there with me, and hope to see all of you back for Round 4!


  1. Sounds like you did amazingly well despite the shift in your goals. Also sounds like congratulations are in order!

  2. You did an amazing job editing, too! Don't let anyone know how fast you were able to do it...Alexander Death is out today, unexpectedly early as a result!

  3. Team Alexander! No, wait! Team Seth! Argh!!!!! I guess I'll have to read it to find out... :)

  4. We're on the same page! Too much to do and making it work. Kinda, sorta. :) Be proud of yourself, you did A LOT in this round and Halloween is not that far off. Dude, I made people wait almost 4 months for a novelette. These things happen.

  5. Man, for a second there I held my breath, thinking the 3rd book wouldn't be out till October. My mom and I would be crying buckets if that was the case. hahaha

    Glad you made your goal. Mine was an epic fail, but I feel like I have a few good excuses, and I'm hoping to make up for it in the coming weeks.
    Debating joining the next round, but I may do it, just to get back into SOME kind of groove. Totally in a slump right now.

  6. Oh, love the new blog look, btw.

  7. Kate! You just had a baby! Nothing you do for like a year could possibly count as a slump OR a fail!!!! But I do hope to see you for #4!