Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On My Bookshelf: Fairy Tales and Music and Werewolves (oh my)

As this round of ROW80 winds down and I prepare to write a pretty epic final accountability post with tomorrow, I wanted to take a quick minute and share a few items on my bookshelf- past, present and future reads.

For the first time, I am pleased to put a project/reading hybrid thingee On My Bookshelf, with bonus playlist! I had the chance to edit JL Bryan's new book, Fairy Metal Thunder, which features at least two of my favorite things: fairies and music. Also, I think the cover would make a really great tattoo, if one is into such things. This book was a lot of fun to edit and to read; Bryan clearly knows his fairy mythology, and I even learned about one kind of Darkfae almost never used in fiction. I have no idea why- it's a very creepy, very cool creature called a dullahan, and it's totally real in the tales handed down to us from fairy mythology.

At any rate, here's a sampling of some of the music that went through my head as I was editing. This is an unofficial playlist, completely from my own scattered brain, not endorsed by JL Bryan in any way. It's just an example of what it's like when I have fairies and music on the brain at the same time.

Also, I either know these bands directly or have some connection to them, and have secured their permission to play their music, have them kidnapped by fairies in my own fiction, or have my characters be their shameless fanslaves. (So what if "permission" sometimes consisted of a grunt and nod while eating a burrito? Or a skeptical eyebrow raise at the words 'writes about fallen angels'? It counts. Also, if they're smart, and they are, they'll wait 'til I'm famousier to sue.)

"Gone Down Swingin'" by The Only Sons: (website here)

Two by Kelly Kneiser of Glossary: (website here)  If I could cast Erin's voice, it would sound like Kelly singing "Don't Give Up on Me" and "This Life of Ours":

And the always quirky Horse to Water with "Florida": (twitter here)

Also On My Bookshelf:
I cannot say enough good things about this book. A survivalist YA love story with fairy tale roots. It's epic. I do not usually like werewolf stories. Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver was the single exception for a long time, but no more! Shiver has a friend- Red! And that's some of the highest praise I can offer- Nolan takes a sub-genre that's not my favorite and makes me not only love the book, but kind of turns me on to the subject of werewolves in general. All that's missing is the warning: Werewolf haters beware, because this book will convert you. Also loved the unique spin on the Red Riding Hood legend. There's just enough of it, and it's so uniquely done, that it adds a wonderful spice to the whole novel.I really liked the way the book was told with alternating 1st person POVs. I found Elodie to be exactly the kind of strong supernatural heroine I love, but she wasn't so tough as to be unapproachable or hardened. One of my favorite scenes with her is of her cooking over a campfire- and breaking out a package of spices to make a really excellent meal. To me, that's kind of the essence of her character: prepared, ready to deal with anything, but insists on having the things that are important to her. In this scene, it's spices, but in the bigger picture, it's things like honor, morals, and independence. Nolan manages to craft a unique male heroine with Sawyer. He's protective and possessive, but reigns in his werewolf instincts enough to respect Elodie's independence. Unless she's in danger- which happens a time or two. But being rescued by Sawyer isn't something Elodie (or anyone else) would complain about.

Currently reading:

I'm part of the way through this multi-perspective (ahem, Kait!) werewolf love story. (See? I'm totally into them now, and it's your fault.) Elizabeth's Waldie's book is lyrically written so far. There's a lot happening, told from different first person POVs, so there's a sense of action woven through with the love story that's pretty interesting so far.

There are a lot of upcoming and just-out releases that call for some Kindle space, including:

Some of them even have werewolves! Ok, so... that's a lot to read. As usual. But that's a better problem to have than the lots of dishes I have to wash. But not as pressing as the writing I have to go do now. Happy reading everyone!