Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 1K Followers Epic Giveaway!

Introducing my 1K Followers Epic Giveaway!
Featuring The Indie E-Library of Awesome, Designer Swag, and an Amazon Gift card!
Contest runs from Sept. 26 until Oct. 3

This has been a month of many blessings for me. New projects, new partnerships, works-in-progress nearing completion with exciting new ones on the way! I have a lot to be thankful for as we slip into fall. I also hit a social media landmark this month- over 1,000 followers on both Twitter and Facebook. I feel the need to celebrate all my awesome new Tweeps and FaceBeasties and Blogger followers! Plus any chance to party, right? So, with Rafflecopter's help, I've put together this little giveaway. Here's some more about the prizes: 

The Indie E-Library of Awesome!

Grand Prize: The Indie E-Library of Awesome: A selection of some fabulous e-books from some of the best Indie writers on the planet. (It is the Library of Awesome, after all!) Since this is a week-long contest, the library may grow in size. Make sure to check back as the contest continues to see what new entries have attained hallowed Awesome status! (And, you know, so you can put in more entries.) Check out what we have by following this link, or clicking on the tab above.

Runner(s) Up: Designer Swag: Thanks to my friends at the epicly awesome Standard Deluxe, House of Design and outdoor concert hall extraordinaire, I am pleased to offer TWO hand-designed and printed prize packs. It's no secret that I collect quirky t-shirts and journals. My very favorite come from Standard Deluxe. Winners will be responsible for getting me a mailing address and their size. Colors may vary according to size availability; photos up on the day of the contest.

Honorable Mention: $10 Amazon Gift Card: Pretty self-explanatory, I know. The winner will need to send me an email address as this will be delivered digitally.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on down to Rafflecopter's automated entry form and win some stuff! 


  1. Hey, Vicki! Cool contest. I tried to follow your blog but got a 440 error. I use a PC and internet explorer. Don't know if that's the issue or what. I'd like to follow the blog if I can.

  2. Cool contest! I love your books and can't wait until the new one comes out.

    Wendy Watts

  3. Hi Margaret, and thanks for the head's up about the link to join- I'll check into it. I love Rafflecopter, but it's still in beta, so I'm expecting some kinks. But it's great that you stopped by either way!
    And Wendy, thanks! I'm hard at work on the third one! That feels so weird even just writing that- the third book! Eek!

  4. awesomeeeeeee giveaway! sweet @$$ blog.

    courtnut1990 at yahoo dot com

  5. Are you still looking for more books for the library? I'm happy to contribute!

  6. Hey Claudia! You totally belong in The Indie E-Library of Awesome!!!!! Jump in anytime- hit me up at gmail, or any of my usual e-hangouts.
    And thanks!

  7. New follower of your blog! Awesome giveaway! Indie authors rock!!

  8. Thanks Susan! I like them myself!